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Argumentative Essay:Dogs vs Cats Essay. In Everything! Pets bring happiness to a persons life. Grooms Wedding! They create a special bond with their owners. This bond can help an owner and his pet live in harmony. Sexual Selection In Everything! People usually get pets to have a companion in their homes. Couples get pets before having a child because taking care of ethics book a pet is similar in Sexual in Everything Essays, taking care of grooms speech a child.

Pets usually are fish, birds, mammals, and sometimes reptiles, but insects like spiders and ants are still owned by some people that consider them as pets. Sexual In Everything! Dogs and cats are one of the most popular pets to have. Ansoff’s Essay! Dogs and cats make a big percentage in the worlds populations of pets, according to Sexual in Everything, the Humane Society of the United States (2011) there are 78.2 million owned dog and 86.4 million owned cats. Dogs show that they are loyal to an owner and that are easily trained, cats on grooms wedding speech the other hand can take care of themselves better than dogs and Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Essays, can remove rat infestations from the ethics book 2, house of the Selection Essays, owner. Of Tonkin! Both dogs and cats have their pros and cons, but dogs are better pets than cats because they show more qualities of a better pet than a cat. Sexual Selection We Do! Dogs provide an active lifestyle for an owner. Dogs are very energetic which requires constant walks. This makes the owner and a dog have a healthier lifestyle than having a cat. Have you ever seen a person walk their cat?

If someone would ever see a person walk their cat, that would be their first time seeing that sight. Cats are known as to Ansoff’s for Strategic Techniques Essay examples, stay at their home and wait for time to pass by. The energy of Selection Essays a dog can also excite their owner making them play together for a certain time. Dogs also learn a variety of american tricks and can learn them easier than cats. The capability of a dog in learning tricks can simply amaze a person, training a cat to sit, rollover, or play fetch can be weird sight to Selection in Everything, see. I personally have not seen a cat do the tricks a dog can do. If I ever see one, I do not know what would my reaction would be. Resolution! While training a dog, the time spent in training can help in establishing a good relationship with their owner. A dog can also provide protection to a home. Dogs can be trained to alert owners when seeing a stranger in their yard or attack on Selection command when the owner says so. Literature Novel! Certain breeds like German Sheperd and Selection in Everything We Do Essays, Labrador Retriever can be trained to be police dogs.

These dogs help in assisting police with their work, providing them help in searching for missing people or objects or in detecting firearms or illegal substances on for masters people. Selection In Everything! Dogs were also used for of tonkin, hunting purposes; their keen sense of smell has helped humans hunt their prey easily. Dogs can also be trained to guide blind people to destinations. Cats can help out in rat infestations at Selection We Do, home but they cannot help in sniffing out naming of parts people with firearms or guiding people to destinations. Sexual Selection We Do Essays! Another reason dogs are better than cats is that dogs can understand humans better than cats. Training a dog requires hand gestures, these hand gestures when repeated over and over can be easily understood by wedding speech a dog that will trigger the Selection We Do Essays, action that the owner wanted. Many people think that dogs show more affection than cats. According to the journal Animal Cognition, University of London, researchers have found that dogs are more likely to approach a crying person than someone who was humming or talking, and that they normally respond to Model for Strategic Techniques Essay, weeping with submissive behaviors. Cats are known to have an Sexual in Everything, attachment with their owners because cats know that their owners bring them food every day.

Lastly, dogs provide better companionship with their owners. Every time an owner spends time with his/her dog, it develops their relationship to something better. Dogs are called a mans best friend because they are always at your side, wanting to gulf, play with you, or trying to cheer you up. The bond between a dog and in Everything, their owner is similar to a parent and a child. A child knows when their parent is around or not. The child becomes happy when they see their parents while sad and distressed when they see that they are gone. Examples! Cats can have a bond with their owners too, but they are more adept at being independent on their own. Dogs are better pets than cats but that does not mean that cats are not bad pets. Cats also have their positive sides like, independency.

As mentioned earlier, cats are independent; they can feed off food that they find from the We Do, home of their owners, an henry reed naming, example would be rats and mice. Cats also can bathe on their own, so they do not need their owners to give them a bathe regularly. Sexual In Everything! The dependency of a dog can sometimes frustrate an owner, the wedding, feeding it needs regularly, the cleaning of the dogs dirt, and the bath it needs to keep clean are the factors that can frustrate an owner. Cats are more silent than dogs. The barking of a dog can irritate an Selection in Everything We Do, owner and the neighbours.

A cats meow cannot be loud enough to wake people up at midnight. According to Douglas (2004), dogs can vocalize their moods, meaning the loudness of their bark depends on what emotion they have at henry reed of parts, the moment. Cats on the other hand do not, if they are happy, sad, or excited they will meow at the same level but evidence from (McComb et al., 2009) suggests that cats are capable of Sexual Selection purring with a frequency that has a subliminal effect similar to that of a human baby#8217;s cry. This purr, known as the #8220;solicitation purr,#8221; is gulf, slightly different from the regular purr and is used to ask for food. I have never experienced owning a cat, my family has always owned dogs. From stray dog to in Everything We Do, a breeded one, it has always been dogs. American! The loyalty shown by the dog, companionship to their owner, the in Everything, active lifestyle given by the dog, and capability of the dog to reed naming, learn tricks are the reasons why my family would own a dog than a cat. I have never thought of having a cat, even in the future.

The cats of our neighbours have helped me in making that decision. Every time we leave a door open, a cat would manage to go inside, hop on the dining table and get some of the food prepared. Another case would be that some cats bear their children at our garage which would make our dogs bark out loud. These cases have lead me to make the decision that dogs are better pets than cats. Animal Cognition (May 30,2013), University of London, Arden Moore (2007), The Cat Behavior Answer Book, APPA National Pet Owners Survey (2011), The Humane Society of the United States, Douglas, K. (9 December 2009).#8221;Dogs vs. Cats: The Great Pet Showdown. New Scientist. McComb, K., Taylor, A., Wilson, C., Charlton, B. (2009). #8220;The Cry Embedded Within the Purr.#8221; Current Biology, 19(13). Retrieved 17. December 2009 from the Academic Search Premier database. University/College: University of Sexual Chicago.

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Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Essays

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Evolution Of Sexual Selection In Birds Essay -

Nov 11, 2017 Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Essays, buy essay online cheap -

Darwinian Sexual Selection and the Politics of Beauty -

How to Wow Recruiters With Your Resume. In this guide, I take a deep dive into Sexual in Everything We Do my experience as a recruiter and study plan, share the inside scoop on my role and pro tips that Ive learned. I have reviewed 10,000+ resumes, screened/interviewed thousands of candidates, and have experience recruiting in agency, startup, and Sexual Selection, internal environments (my LinkedIn). Ive personally helped at least 100 people find jobs in the past 5 years. People often tell me to write my advice down, so here it goes. Resolution! Im not a guru, mentor, or coach, and have nothing to sell. Selection! Im just a recruiter hoping to aristotle nicomachean book 2, demystify some parts of the hiring process and Sexual in Everything We Do Essays, help a few people out. For a TL;DR summary of Ansoff’s Essay examples tips scroll straight to Sexual Selection Essays, the bottom. Part I: Finding the Right Job Fit Timing. Interviewing yourself for the role.

Part II: Editing the Resume. Most Common Questions 6 Key Elements of Your Resume. Part III: Applying for the job. Cover Letter, Applying Online, Reaching Out, Referrals. Part I: Finding the Right Job Fit Timing. If youre a fan of the 20/80 rule then listen closely. Focusing on study plan sample for masters job fit timing will generate about 80% of your results during the Selection in Everything We Do Essays job seeking process.

One of the many keys to finding a job and landing an interview is Model for Strategic Techniques Essay, being extremely selective in Selection in Everything We Do Essays which jobs you apply for and how quickly you apply after the job has been posted. I can tell you with first hand experience that the majority of applicants give themselves the wedding speech benefit of the Sexual Selection We Do doubt when applying. Aristotle Ethics! A large majority are either too junior or have not read the job description carefully enough. Inside Scoop: Because people tend to apply for roles for which they may not be a great fit, many recruiters loathe searching through application pools and would rather source passive candidates online, contact referrals, or use key words to Sexual Selection We Do, find people in their ATS (Applicant Tracking System). The best and most sought after candidates Ive spoken with have a very good sense of american what their strengths and Selection in Everything We Do, weaknesses are, and will actually turn down opportunities if they sense a mismatch in a position thats been offered. Before continuing, its important to note the old adage: Rome wasnt built in a day be prepared to of tonkin resolution, be patient! Pro tip: Being patient does not mean waiting for the right opportunities to Selection in Everything Essays, come your way. Of Parts! You should be actively looking for new opportunities every day, but only Sexual We Do applying to positions that are a great fit.

Interviewing Yourself for the Role. H ow to determine fit, you ask? Ask yourself the following questions to see if a position is a fit or too much of a stretch. Imagine you are the henry hiring manager for a position youve found online, and you see your resume come across your desk for review. Would you feel excited to set up a phone screen with yourself or would you be taking a chance to see what youve got? If you would feel excited to interview yourself for a particular position then ask yourself why (be honest), and if you have good reasons then emphasize those in your resume. If you wouldnt feel excited, then reflect and understand why, but dont apply for the position.

If you do apply, youll be a part of the majority I mentioned above that doesnt take the time to screen themselves out. Youll inevitably be wasting your time and the recruiter/hiring managers time as well. Can you answer in-depth interview questions with nitty gritty answers for all of the Sexual We Do job duties (excluding the use of company specific systems and tools)? If yes, thats a good sign and you should consider applying. If not, which of the job requirements are you shaky on? If its anything serious (like one of the first 4 bullet points) than you should rethink applying. How does the Ansoff’s Model for Strategic Essay examples day-to-day of your current situation (employed or unemployed) match up with the job description? If youre currently a painter and Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Essays, the job description is asking for a Product Manager, please dont apply.

However, if its something closer like a Product Owner or Customer Specialist then find out which parts of the job youre missing from your current day-to-day and american novel, make up the Essays difference. Raghav Haran, a popular Medium writer with 10k+ followers, wrote a fantastic article shedding light on how to henry naming, bridge that gap. Do the job before you get the Sexual Selection Essays job. I call this the plan for masters pre-interview project. For example, if youre applying for Sexual Selection in Everything, a sales/marketing role, a good pre-interview project could be selling some of the companys products and writing a document about it. If youre applying for a design related role, you can mockup some new designs for the company and sample, tell them why you made those decisions. Why do I have to be sooo picky when applying to jobs? You will maximize your rate of response from Sexual in Everything Essays recruiters/hiring managers because youve properly evaluated your fit. Grooms! Make life easier for the person reviewing your application, paving the way for building a great relationship with the in Everything hiring manager. Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager for literature novel, a brief moment (this should be easy if youve ever hired anyone): They have a gap that they need filled.

Every day they may have to Selection, do two jobs and would love to have another person take over existing work and/or expand their teams capabilities. Being a quick learner doesnt always fill the gap, especially if they want someone to hit the ground running. There is a lot of weight riding on this choice and gulf, any indication that hiring you is Sexual in Everything We Do Essays, a risk will make them choose someone else. Choosing the wrong person is more costly than just waiting for the right person. So how many jobs should you apply for? There is no magic number. Just be honest with yourself and of tonkin, answer a few more questions before you decide to apply: (If the job isnt local) Would I actually relocate for the job or am I just applying to see what happens?

Please, please, please do not apply just for kicks. You dont have to be 100% ready and/or sure you would move and Sexual We Do, it can be contingent on an offer, but be realistic and try your best not to waste the companies time and more importantly, your own time . If youve taken the time to self-select only the best opportunities your ratio of [jobs applied to: initial interviews] will sky rocket. Do I actually want to be doing whats described in nicomachean ethics the job description on a day-to-day basis? If you dislike your current job duties, applying to another company that has the promise of better perks or a better manager wont change the duties as described. Some people are just free spirits or entrepreneurs and regardless of where they go, theyll never be content unless they start something of Selection in Everything We Do their own. Its OK if youre a few years below the henry reed naming of parts minimum experience level, but not TOO far below. If youre just a college grad, dont go for senior level jobs that require 710+ years of Sexual Selection We Do experience.

But you CAN go for resolution, jobs that require, say, 35 years of experience even if you only have 1. Its OK if your education level is a little below the Selection in Everything We Do required amount, but again, not too much below. For example even though I never went to grad school, Ive been able to get interviews for grooms, internships that required an MBA, and full time jobs that required a masters, but jobs that require PhDs are out of my league. Make sure that you can actually DO the job. Sexual In Everything We Do! You might not need credentials, but you do need the skills to ethics book 2, get results. To his point, I recently reviewed resumes with a manager and the job description for this particular role required 35 years of Selection experience. However, a candidate with only 18 months of experience got an interview because he was doing the study plan sample exact responsibilities needed for this job at Selection in Everything, his current job. The hiring manager had the utmost of confidence that the candidate could do the role without question. If youve answered the for Strategic Techniques Essay examples above questions and still think youre a fit, then only apply to jobs where you can edit your resume specifically for that job. This brings me to Sexual Selection in Everything We Do, the next stage of getting any interview you want the resume. Youve probably heard that you have 6 seconds to capture a recruiters attention. I can tell you that its sometimes even less then that.

I once shared my friends resume to a colleague on a different team for review. I stood over her shoulder as she reviewed her resume in less than 5 seconds. In that amount of time, she had determined with confidence that my friend was not a fit for plan sample for masters, the position. Selection In Everything We Do Essays! I share this brief story only to american literature novel, say that no one is exempt from having this happen to them. Lets explore why this happens, starting with the Essays basics of Ansoff’s Model for Strategic Techniques Essay formatting. Well use our trusty friend and Pokemon trainer, Ash Ketchum, as an example throughout this section.

Take a look at some resume samples by Sexual Selection in Everything Essays Fatemah (founder of CareerTuners, a professional resume writing company) and her team of resume writers (Click here for a cheat sheet as well). Your resumes format should closely resemble at study for masters, least one of the formats in the links above. Sexual Essays! Recruiters review hundreds (maybe even thousands) of literature resumes per week. If your resume is in a format completely different than what Ive shared, it makes it harder for the recruiter to Selection in Everything, find where the most crucial information on plan sample for masters your resume is located. Inside Scoop: Make the recruiter/hiring manager try too hard and your resume could be in the rejection pile before you even get a fair chance. In addition, please dont put your picture on your resume! Its distracting and Selection We Do Essays, stands out too much to be of any help to you. If youre thinking well, recruiters should just try harder to review every resume regardless of the format, then you may be right, but thats simply not the reality. Trust me when I say that I used to henry reed of parts, be a big fan of Sexual Selection colorful/well designed resumes. Study For Masters! I thought the standard format was lame, bland, and made me seem like everyone else. Then I became a recruiter and had to Sexual We Do Essays, look through hundreds of resumes myself.

Pro Tip: Like my mom used to say your resume format cant get you a job, but it can surely cost you an study plan opportunity. Designers and creatives have a license to make cool looking resumes. If non-designer recruiters will be reviewing your resume first, however, then I think my advice still stands (especially if youve attached your portfolio). Selection In Everything! Only if you know that your application will go directly to the hiring manager than perhaps some creativity will be welcome. Ill tackle a few high level concepts before getting into the specifics of editing a resume for the job. If you are 12 years out of nicomachean college, keep your resume limited to 1 page.

If you have more experience, then feel free go over Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Essays, 1 page as needed . Theres nothing worse than a 17 page resume (you think Im kidding, but Im not) and 23 pages is absolutely fine, especially if youve been in the workforce for a while. Should education be at the top or bottom? What about the date of graduation? Your education should go at gulf, the top of your resume under three conditions: 1) If you know the hiring manager/recruiter will recognize the name of your college and be impressed , 2) you graduated within the past 35 years, 3) your degree is Sexual We Do, particularly relevant to Ansoff’s Model for Strategic Techniques examples, the position. Include the date of graduation if youve graduated within the 2000s. Otherwise, feel free to drop the date since its no longer relevant. The skills laundry list (less is Sexual Essays, more) Have you ever taken a beautiful palette of paint and mixed every color together?

Or combined every drink from a soda fountain? These things sound childish right? So does a laundry list of skills on your resume. Ive actually been in meetings with hiring managers where they comment on not knowing what a candidate is actually good at wedding speech, because they list out Selection, so many things on their resume and its cost them an interview. Literature! Be specific and choose a handful (45) of relevant skills that are highlighted in the job description already. Should I order jobs chronologically or by Sexual We Do relevance? Hiring managers (for the most part) are particularly interested in what youve been doing in the past 23 years and how it relates to the position theyre trying to fill.

If, for some reason, youve been working in henry retail recently but you used to be a six sigma black belt, your best bet is to begin working on relevant side projects to put at the top of your resume and/or to get a personal referral of someone who can speak to Sexual in Everything We Do, how much of a champion you once were. What should I do about job hoppy-ness? Not all hiring managers care about your job-hopping history. For ones who do, you can write a quick blurb beside each short job explaining your reasons for leaving. Aristotle Ethics Book 2! Sometimes there are legitimate cases where hiring managers and Selection in Everything We Do Essays, recruiters can overlook a candidates hoppy job history. The best cure for a job-hoppy resume, however, is some stability. It might pay dividends down the line to just stick it out at your current job for at least a year or two before looking for something else. N ow that weve covered some common questions, I can get into ethics book the specifics of editing your resume.

The following is a list of 6 key elements that recruiters will be scanning your resume for Sexual in Everything, during review. Your current job title Current employer/Tenure The first bullet of your current job Education Previous job title Previous employer/Tenure. Your current job title Lets start at the beginning. People will disagree with me on this point, but I think this is the single most important element of your resume. So important, in fact, that its worth editing when appropriate. Lets say you want to apply for a Product Manager role and gulf resolution, your current job is Product Owner III.

If youve read the description and you know (with 100% certainty) that you can do and in Everything, have done what the position ask for and you genuinely feel the henry difference in title is Selection in Everything, semantics, then I advocate you change the reed of parts title on your resume to Product Manager. Now this advice will obviously ruffle feathers, and for good reason. There are people who will read this article, misuse my suggestion, go into an interview, and waste everyones time just to never to be invited back again. Let me be clear: please do not lie on Essays your resume. Its just the wrong thing to do. Grooms Speech! However, companies sometimes have certain titles for positions because thats what its always been called here. If you fall into Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Essays this category, and youll know if you do, then I think you should change your title so the henry people reviewing your resume dont overlook your skills and experience for semantic reasons.

If you make it to an onsite interview, then make sure to Sexual in Everything We Do Essays, put your actual work title in the formal application, so when HR does an employment check, things pan out. Current employer/Tenure If the recruiter/hiring manager reviewing your resume will recognize the name of your current employer, than it should be above your job title. Similar to nicomachean, the point that having an Ivy League school on your resume matters more than what your degree title, your company can provide more credibility than your job title because unlike your role title its un-editable. The first bullet of your current job This is where most people drop the ball because it take a certain finesse. Applying to a job is not about Sexual Selection in Everything Essays you, its about the company. Your view of your most important skills is gulf of tonkin resolution, not necessarily relevant. What is relevant is what the Sexual Selection in Everything company says they need in a job description. Lets refer back to Ash Ketchum:

To illustrate this point, take a look at the sample job description below. Pay close attention to novel, whats highlighted in Sexual in Everything We Do yellow. Now lets take a look at the first bullet of Ashs resume: See how in the first bullet of ethics his first job he does a great job at matching the most important bullet in the job responsibilities to his experience? Obviously, this is a fun example but its your job as a candidate to find the Essays most important bullet point(s) of plan for masters a job description and explain with a brief, data-driven, and concrete example of how youve done exactly what they need. Your competition is blasting resumes out and not taking the time to in Everything, do this extra step. Model Essay! This might take an extra bit of time, but will set you apart from others applying for the role. Pro Tip: If there are industry keywords (like tools, softwares, buzzwords, or methodologies), that the Sexual Essays company mentions in sample their job description, then include 23 of these in the first bullet of your current job and bold them. This is the epitome of making life easy for the recruiters and hiring managers reviewing your resume. Keywords are extremely important in a resume and We Do, oftentimes recruiters and hiring managers will simply CTRL+F to find them. If you can beat them to the punch by simply bolding them in resolution your resume, youll be ahead of the curve.

Its also important to note that including a skill in your resume is Selection in Everything Essays, not enough, particularly if its highlighted in the job description. Study Plan For Masters! You must take the Selection We Do time to actually write out how you used this skill/tool/methodology. Education Be honest and completely transparent about your education. If you didnt graduate, dont make it seem like you did. In addition, if you have a GPA below 3.7 and wedding, you graduated more than 3 years ago, then its best that you remove it from your resume. Its probable that the hiring manager doesnt care and Selection in Everything We Do, its best not to draw attention to gulf, it if its not extremely high. Previous job title The previous job title can do two things for Selection in Everything Essays, you. It can either show your progression up the ranks in wedding a given field, or it can illustrate your tenure and experience. If your title is the Selection in Everything Essays same at two different companies it starts to build credibility that you can do the job, especially if the job title is the same as the one in literature novel the job description. Sexual We Do! If your previous job title is a more junior title it can show that youre a hard worker that takes initiative.

Both are impressive, but make sure to craft a purposeful and meaningful story when it comes to your current and previous job titles because it matters. Previous employer/Tenure Last but not least, list your employer previous to your current one and the length of grooms speech time you were in that role. Try and stick to a consistent format to showcase this as well. So whether thats [employer/title/tenure], [title/employer/tenure], or any other combination, keep it consistent. If youre in a situation where youve had multiple roles at the same company, Id suggest having one tenure at the top with different titles and Selection We Do Essays, summaries underneath. Ansoff’s For Strategic Essay! However, if you were there for a significant amount of time (5+ years) its definitely worth it to label your tenure in each role so it doesnt leave the hiring manager guessing. For those of you whove been looking for a job or generally unemployed for Selection in Everything Essays, over a year take a look at these articles (here, here, and here) for some motivation and tips.

You might be at a disadvantage, but dont give up, winners never quit! After youve picked the perfect job and edited your resume to perfection, theres only one thing left to do. Apply! Lets dive into 4 crucial elements of plan applying for Sexual Selection, a job. Im in the school of thought that a traditional cover letter is sample, completely unnecessary. As a recruiter I rarely read cover letters because they are typically never specific enough to matter.

I wouldnt write a cover letter if it isnt required. However, if it is Sexual Selection, required this article does a great job of american novel explaining how you should write it. A cover letter alone cant get you an interview, but a resume can. Ive never heard of a hiring manager not wanting to Essays, interview a candidate because s/he didnt write a cover letter. 2. Applying Online (Major Key Alert) The moment you see a job posted you should spring into action.

The sooner the job has been posted, the better your chance of securing an wedding interview and landing an offer. Sexual Essays! Ive seen too many candidates apply late in the game only to complete a full set of interviews without knowing that theres already a first choice candidate in the pipeline. Recruiters usually arent at liberty to disclose how you fare among other candidates, but know that our motto is a role isnt filled, until its filled . This means that well continue to source candidates and set up interviews even if there are candidates at the final stage of the american literature interview process. In addition, do not apply for too many jobs at one company in one time frame. Recruiters can typically see all the jobs youve applied for at their company. Sexual We Do! If they notice youve applied to literature novel, a laundry list of irrelevant roles it will reflect poorly upon you. It shows that youre not being selective and therefore dont know where your skills match up with what the company needs.

Pro Tip: If youd like to put your resume on job boards like Monster and Careerbuilder so that recruiters can contact you, its best to change your address to Sexual We Do Essays, the location you wish to work. For example if youre in NYC currently, but you want to grooms wedding, work in San Francisco, you should change your address to a local one in San Francisco. Recruiters often sort by zip code and miles away from Sexual in Everything Essays a particular city. Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics Book! So if you change your zip code to that city, it does us a favor. It usually doesnt matter if you currently live there, what matters is if youre willing to relocate (especially on your dime for contract positions). 3. Reaching out to the recruiter/hiring manager. The best message Ive ever received from Sexual We Do Essays a candidate went something like this: I know youre busy so Ive created a short and long form of this email. TL;DR: Ive applied for XYZ position and my resume is attached. Would love your help in gulf getting my application reviewed. In Everything We Do Essays! Long Form: Im very interested in joining

If you emailed a recruiter with this message, youd have your resume reviewed at the very least. If they dont respond, you can assume youre not a fit for examples, the position or that theyre not the right person to connect with. The reason this message is so powerful is because it shows that you understand were busy and dont always have time to read cold emails, mainly ones that are long and dont get to the point. Youd absolutely be standing out in Everything Essays, if you kept it brief and polite with an understanding that the recruiter/hiring manager doesnt owe you anything. Its always off putting when people approach me with a sense of american literature entitlement, and Essays, it does more harm then good. Its best to be humble when approaching people who work at the company. Its common knowledge that referrals are the best and easiest way to aristotle ethics, break into a top tier company.

However, many people dont have the luxury of seeing what a referral looks like on the other side. I can say with confidence that asking someone to refer you who doesnt know you personally, is Selection in Everything Essays, going to help you very little, if at all. Potential candidates obviously hope that the referrer wrote nice things about aristotle nicomachean ethics them, but this is near impossible if the referrer doesnt know the candidate well. Selection We Do Essays! Imagine you met someone at a networking event and the next day s/he ask for you to refer them to book, an opening at their company. Sexual! Your reputation is on the line, so while you might forward his/her resume to HR, its not going to benefit them much if you arent gushing with positive things to say about their role-related knowledge. Its safe to say that all referrals arent created equal. The power of a good referral is worth its weight in gold and can put you ahead of the pack instantaneously. Companies understand this and Ansoff’s for Strategic, work hard to Selection in Everything Essays, increase referrals because the stats speak for themselves.

With that in mind, its wise to choose your referrer carefully and to ensure that s/he knows a good amount about reed naming your work life and not just personal life. W rapping Up: So if youve made it this far, I thank you for reading and in Everything Essays, hope youve gotten at of tonkin, least one useful tip that will help you in your job search. Recruiters, Id love to know your thoughts on whether you agree or disagree with this piece. Its helpful for you to share your opinions on the topics discussed in this guide so readers and Selection We Do Essays, get a better look into our world. Final note: Not everything is in your control. You could be the perfect candidate, at the perfect time, with the perfect skills, but not get the position for reasons youll never know.

Be OK with that, and forge ahead despite setbacks. Good luck! Questions to Ansoff’s for Strategic Techniques Essay examples, ask yourself for fit: Imagine you are the hiring manager for in Everything We Do Essays, a position youve found online and you see your resume come across your desk for review. Would you feel excited to setup a phone screen with yourself or would you be taking a chance to see what youve got? Can you answer in-depth interview questions with nitty gritty answers for all of the gulf job duties (excluding the use of company specific systems and tools)? How does the day-to-day of your current situation (employed or unemployed) match up with the job description? Be specific and in Everything, choose a handful (45) of henry reed naming of parts relevant skills to highlight ( and literally bold in Selection We Do Essays your resume ) that have been mentioned in the job description already. Edit your job titles if appropriate (please see explanation). The first bullet point in your first job should match up with the most important bullet point in the Job Duties section of a job description.

Dont worry about a cover letter, its not going to Model, make or break you getting the Sexual in Everything We Do Essays interview if your resume is great. Recruiters usually arent at liberty to disclose how you fair amongst other candidates, but please know that its our motto that a role isnt filled, until its filled. This means that well continue to Model Techniques examples, source candidates and setup interviews even if there are candidates at the final stage of the interview process. When sending messages to recruiters or employees of Selection We Do a company online create a one sentence TL;DR to Model for Strategic examples, increase your chances of response. Not all referrals are created equal, choose who refers you carefully.

If you enjoyed this story, please recommend and share to help others find it! Feel free to leave a comment below. The Mission publishes stories, videos, and Sexual We Do, podcasts that make smart people smarter. You can subscribe to get them here. Clapping shows how much you appreciated Rotimi Lademos story. Recruiting Associate @ Waymo (Googles Self-Driving Car)

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Pet Sematary and Selection We Do the Terror of of tonkin, Death. Can Stephen King scare even himself? screamed the Sexual Selection in Everything We Do text on the dust jacket on the first edition of Pet Sematary in 1983. Has the author of Carrie, The Shining, Cujo, and Christine ever conceived a story so horrifying that he was for reed of parts, a time unwilling to finish writing it? Yes. This is it. You couldnt come up with better marketing than that; King, the newly minted master of horror, had a new book that was so scary it gave even him the Essays creeps. This couldve been the stuff of fanciful publicists dreams, yet there was some basis of gulf resolution, truth. When King finished Pet Sematary , his friends and family were taken aback at the unpublished draft. King had touched on monsters and madmen before, but he hadnt written something quite so drenched in death as this book; he even killed a child, one of the biggest taboos in genre fiction, and focused in detail on the unmitigated grief that accompanies such a tragedy.

King himself even initially thought he had gone too far, and chucked the manuscript into Sexual Selection the trash. But King had one more book left to deliver in a contract with publisher Doubleday, and henry naming of parts theres no sense in starting from scratch when you have a perfectly good tome of terror collecting dust in the rubbish bin. With all this fear-based hype, it was only a matter of Sexual in Everything, time before Hollywood came calling for the movie rights to Pet Sematary. As the film begins, director Mary Lambert has her camera languidly drift amongst the titular cemetery, wafting amongst homemade tombstones cobbled together from bannisters, bedposts and orange crates. Nicomachean Ethics 2! Elliot Goldenthals eerie score blankets everything in dead, complete with a ghostly child-based choir. If theres one thing everyone knows, its that ethereal child-like choirs always give us the creeps. A palpable gloom envelops Pet Sematary. Peter Steins cinematography is almost always cast in shadow, even when its a sunny day out. It makes everything a little more unsettling, almost dream-like at times. Dr. Louis Creed (Dale Midkiff) has relocated his wife (Denise Crosby) and family from Chicago to Maine, where he is going to in Everything Essays take up residency as the local university campus doctor.

The arrival at the picturesque house is marked with bad omens. For Strategic Techniques Examples! The Creeds daughter Ellie (Blaze Berdahl) climbs into Sexual in Everything We Do a tire swing, which snaps from the reed of parts branch it dangles from. Before she falls, though, she spots a mysterious stone-lined path leading off into the woods. While the Creeds are distracted by their daughters shocked reaction at her fall, their toddler son Gage (Miko Hughes) nearly wanders into the main road that flanks the new house. Selection In Everything! That road will be a source of Essay, misery for in Everything Essays, the Creed family, as it is frequented by barreling trucks that go back and forth at all hours of the day and reed naming of parts night.

However, the baby is Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Essays saved at the last minute by Jud Crandall (Fred Gwynne), a kindly neighbor from across the road, who then strikes up a friendship with Louis. Its a friendship that will lead to poor, and deadly, decisions. Right from the book 2 get-go, the performances in Selection in Everything Essays Pet Sematary are wobbly. Midkiff is too passive for the lead, and this becomes more obvious as the for Strategic Techniques Essay film progresses and things get more and more devastating. Some child actors are blessed with a natural talent. Blaze Berdahl (and her twin sister Beau, who also played some of the part) is not one of them, unfortunately. Sexual Selection We Do Essays! But the shaky performances are balanced a bit by Crosby, playing the Creed matriarch Rachel, and especially Gwynne as kindly neighbor Jud. Gwynnes performance is warm and grandfatherly, and it manages to elevate the plan for masters entire film. The Creeds have a cat, Winston Churchill, or Church for short, which Ellie dotes on. As bad luck would have it, that mysterious path that Ellie spotted leads off to a pet cemetery. That major road has killed a lot of Sexual Selection We Do, pets, Jud tells the 2 Creed family.

As a result, the towns kids built this place of rest for their pets. Its beautifully tragic, mostly due to the slipshod nature of the graves, highlighted by the misspelled sign nailed above the We Do entrance to the place. Clearly hammered together by youths with no building prowess, the cemetery is a labor of love, and Jud sees it as a good thing. Kids gotta learn about death some time, he explains. Why? Rachel barks back at him. Rachel has a severe phobia of death. Its much more pronounced in novel the book, but the film conveys it also. Rachel wants no mention of death in Selection Essays her presence and, in the book, goes into near hysterics when the topic is brought up. We learn the root of this phobia soon enough.

If theres one thing people remember from Pet Sematary , its without a doubt the character of Rachels deceased, deformed sister Zelda. Played by a male actor (Andre Hubastek), Zelda is the stuff nightmares are made of: a twisted monster of a character, suffering from spinal meningitis. Kings novel (and by extension the film) acts as a modern-gothic story, and american literature as such employs one of the classic gothic tropes: The Madwoman in the Attic, such as Bertha Mason, the first wife of Mr. Rochester, insane and locked away in Selection in Everything We Do Essays the attic in Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre . Zelda is Pet Sematary s madwoman, her sanity sapped away by her cruel illness. Director Lambert uses tight close-ups and fish-eye lenses to henry naming of parts make the Zelda scenes all the more disturbing, and a gauzy filter reminds one of Sexual Selection in Everything We Do, a fever dream. Literature! As Hubastek, in terrifying effects makeup, twists and turns on the bed, thick vomit trickling from a gasping mouth, the unmitigated terror of Pet Sematary comes forward tenfold. When the We Do death at the hands of a maniac like Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger comes, its almost a relief. The characters can stop fighting now; its all over. Gulf! Pet Sematary posits that its when we start trying to Sexual Selection Essays hold on to life well after the release of death has come that we truly slip into aristotle abject horror. Pet Sematary s way of approaching death makes it particularly effective and chilling.

Death is a mystery, as the opening quote of the book tells us, and whats more terrifying than fear of the Sexual Selection in Everything We Do unknown? Yet Pet Sematary is unique in its horror-based approach to death. In other horror films, death is not the worst thing that can happen to the protagonists. Study Plan! In slasher films, its not the death thats really scary; its that lead-up to the death, as a character flees in Selection in Everything terror, trying with all his or her might to just hold on to life a little bit longer. When the plan sample death at the hands of a maniac like Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger comes, its almost a relief. The characters can stop fighting now; its all over. Pet Sematary posits that its when we start trying to hold on Sexual We Do Essays, to life well after the release of death has come that we truly slip into abject horror. Sometimes, dead is wedding speech better, Jud Crandall explains. Sexual Selection Essays! Death occupies every inch of literature novel, Pet Sematary . If Rachel has Zeldas death as an early catalyst, Louis has as his the death of a student named Pascow (Brad Greenquist). On Louis first day as the campus doc, Pascow is brought in by a mob of Sexual in Everything, people. The student was out jogging when a car struck him, and by for masters the time he gets to Louis infirmary, theres nothing to be done.

The young mans brains are literally leaking through his exposed skull, brought to in Everything Essays gloriously gory life by make-up artist David LeRoy Anderson. But after Pascow expires, and Louis is alone with the body, the ethics book 2 corpse springs to life, warning Louis not to go beyond the barrier of the pet cemetery, referring to a massive pile of felled trees that border the edge of the grave grounds. As if this werent bad enough, the apparent ghost of Essays, Pascow pays Louis a visit that very night, in a darkly humorous scene. Kings screenplay uses Pascow as a sort of gulf resolution, gallows-humor comic relief, which comes in handy in such a bleak film. Later scenes in the film, with Pascow trying to in Everything We Do Essays direct Rachel back home to stop a crisis, can be flat-out hilarious, as in one shot that shows the gulf of tonkin grinning, rotting ghost sitting on the same plane as Rachel, echoing the helpful ghoul Jack (Griffin Dunne) from An American Werewolf in London . Back on in Everything We Do Essays, that deadly road, Church the cat is struck by a truck while Rachel and the children are visiting Rachels parents for Thanksgiving. Jud, knowing that Ellie will have a hard time accepting the naming of parts death of in Everything We Do Essays, her cat, has a solution for Louis: he directs him over speech, that deadfall of treesthe area Pascow warned him not to go beyondto a much different type of burial ground. Located atop a high, flat peak lays a burial ground belonging to the Micmac Indians. Jud has Louis bury Church there and, unbelievably, the cat returns from the dead. Sexual We Do! The cat is a hissing, furry nightmare, with eyes that constantly seem to grooms speech be glowing. In life, Church was docile. In his after-life, hes always on the prowl and not above tossing dead rats into the bathtub.

Louis wants answers. Has anybody every buried a person up there? he demands of Jud. The old man looks terrified at the idea and insists no one has or ever would. We all know hes not telling the truth. The concept of a pet returning from the dead is chilling enoughwho among us hasnt lost at Sexual Selection We Do least one pet and wanted it so desperately to come back? And how would we react if it came back as something different? But more horror awaits. The biggest shock in the film comes when the grooms wedding speech adorable toddler son is brutally run down in the middle of that damn road.

This was the aspect of the novel that made King feel that maybe he had gone too far. Sexual Selection In Everything Essays! In many horror films, while death comes swiftly for adults and teens, the death of a very young child is beyond taboo. Whats a grieving father to do when his only naming son is Sexual Essays killed, and theres a perfectly good burial ground that raises the dead back to life? Jud knows exactly what Louis is thinking, and relays the story of Timmy Baterman. The young man was killed in the war, then brought back to life by the Micmac burial ground. This segment of the film allows Lambert and King to dip into George Romero zombie territorythe resurrected Timmy Baterman is a rotting, lumbering ghoul. As Juds voice-over narration relays the story, we catch glimpses of Ansoff’s Model Essay, Timmy digging in the dirt and clutching the bloody severed leg of a child. Just as Church came back as some sort of hell-cat, humans who come back are changed as well. The ground up in that old Indian burial ground is Sexual Selection Essays sour, and the sourness seeps into the bodies planted there. The person you bury up there aint the person that comes back, Jud warns. It falls on nicomachean ethics, deaf ears.

King takes his cues from W.W. Jacobs The Monkeys Paw , where even after an enchanted, wish-granting object has caused nothing but grief for a couple, they cant resist trying it one more time to resurrect their dead son. Well have one more [wish], the Sexual We Do mother in that story proclaims. Go down and get it quickly, and wish our boy alive again. What Louis brings back, though, is not his adorable son. Pet Sematary dips into silly Childs Play territory as Gage comes back as a scalpel-wielding tiny killer. Nicomachean Ethics Book 2! The finished product is sadly lacking, as several shots of the mini-murderer clearly reveal it as a dummy. The context is in Everything We Do still terrifying and hammers home the overall point that, sometimes, dead really is better.

His judgment faulted by american novel his grief, Louis resurrection of his son costs him the life of his only real friend, Jud, and also Rachel, as Gage murders them both. Louis is Selection in Everything Essays driven mad by this all and performs one last burial. At the stroke of midnight , Rachel returns to him, a delightfully gory special effect make-up mess, with one bloody eye socket leaking a viscous fluid. Rachel and Louis kiss passionately as her wounds leak all over resolution, him, in an embrace that would make David Cronenberg proud. The book ends here, with the return of Rachel and Louis fate left open-ended. That wouldnt do for Sexual Selection Essays, a schlocky horror film, which is, in the end, what Pet Sematary is. King and Lambert throw in one last sting, as Rachel grabs a conveniently placed butcher knife and brings it down towards the back of Louis head. Its silly, but it somehow works. It brings a perverse grin to our faces, heightened as the Ramones start singing the theme song for the film.

No one ever told me grief felt so like fear, C.S. Study Sample! Lewis wrote in A Grief Observed . Grief, and the unbearable fear of Selection in Everything We Do, death, drive every terrible action in Pet Sematary . Death is speech a sweet release; the fabled light at the end of the tunnel lies all in Sexual Selection in Everything the letting go. Jud explains early in the film that death is when the study plan for masters pain stops and Sexual Selection in Everything We Do the good memories begin. We would do well to remember that . . . especially if cursed Indian burial grounds lurk in our backyards. Chris Evangelista is the Executive Editor of Cut Print Film co-host of the Cut Print Film Podcast. Nicomachean 2! He also contributes to /Film, The Film Stage, Birth.Movies.Death, The Playlist, Paste Magazine, Little White Lies and Selection We Do Essays O-Scope Musings. #039;The House on gulf, Creep Street#039; and #039;Beware the Sexual Monstrous Manther!#039;, two horror books for grooms, young readers Chris co-authored with J. Tonzelli, are available wherever books are sold. You can follow him on Sexual Selection, Twitter @cevangelista413 and view his portfolio at Cut Print Film Podcast: Episode 111. Philadelphia: See Wheelman Early and Free With a Frank Grillo Q#038;A. The Popularity of the Hangover Trilogy will Never Wane. Cut Print Film Podcast: Episode 111.

On an all-new podcast, we take a spoiler-free look at nicomachean book Blade Runner 2049, then start a new Directors Series with Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca.

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Nov 11, 2017 Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Essays, write my paper -

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Analog Circuit Design Engineer Resume. Posted on: 2008-09-12. This button will open the login/register page in a new tab. After logging in, come back to this page and refresh your browser. In Everything. Member, The Analog VLSI Lab, The Ohio State University, Columbus. IEEE Student member, Communications, Circuits and Systems Societies. E-mail: (email hidden) Phone: (phone hidden) Residence: D, Worthington Ave, Columbus, Ohio-, USA Web page : Gulf Resolution. Goal- To be a part of a team of highly motivated designers in a company that provides excellent learning opportunities and in Selection Essays turn. satisfy the Ansoff’s Model Techniques examples thirst for Sexual in Everything We Do knowledge.

Keywords - Analog Circuit Design, VLSI, RF Circuit Design, High Speed Analog to aristotle nicomachean ethics Digital Converters, Phase Locked Loops, VHDL, RTL, Logic Design, Cadence, Layout Design, Clock and Data Recovery, TSMC .um, DNA Classification, bio-technology, image processing.. MASTER OF SCIENCE (M.S.) Aug Dec (Expected) Majoring in Analog VLSI. Pursuing M.S. at The Analog VLSI Lab, The Department of Sexual in Everything We Do Electrical and Computer. Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA. CGPA: . / (Up to henry of parts quarters; Joined OSU in Fall. ). TOEFL CBT Score: / GRE Score: / (Verbal: /, Quantitative: /, Essay: ./) BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (B.E.) July May B.E. From Misrimal Navajee Munoth Jain Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai, India. Rank in the.

Department of ECE: th out of Sexual Selection We Do students. Cadence (Virtuoso, Spectre, Analog Design Environment and Virtuoso Layout Editor), TopSpice. Advanced Design Systems (ADS) from Agilent for RF Circuit Design. FPGA system design using Altera Quartus, AHDL, VHDL, Modelsim; RTL and gate level design. Technologies worked on: .um CMOS from TSMC, .um CMOS from TSMC and .um CMOS from NCSU. Study Plan. Microsoft Windows (., , , ME, XP, Vista) Macintosh OSX (basic knowledge) Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat) RELEVANT COURSE WORK. Selection Essays. Introduction to Analog Integrated Circuits, Introduction to Digital Signal Processing, Microwave Circuits. Winter Jan Mar Low Power Mixed Signal VLSI Design, Microwave Transistor Amplifiers and Oscillators, Digital Logic Lab. Spring Apr June Introduction to RF Integrated Circuits, Digital and Mixed Signal VLSI Design, Analog VLSI Design, Seminar on Bio. Advanced Computer Design. Thesis: A -bit, Gsps Sub-ranging Flash ADC in .um CMOS with digitally controlled speed and power. Speech. Research Interests Aug - Dec High Speed Analog to Digital Converters, Phase Locked Loops, Bio-Technology, Image Processing.

Member of the. We Do. research group of The Analog VLSI Laboratory founded and directed by Professor Mohammed Ismail. CURRENT AREAS OF WORK. Flash Analog to Ansoff’s for Strategic Essay Digital Converter: Developed a High Speed CMOS subranging Flash ADC for Selection UWB applications. stage sub ranging bits . Gsps Flash. consuming mW with digital speed and power setting. Phase Locked Loops: Developed and optimized the phase locked loop for a clock and data recovery circuit working at Gbps and a clocking. frequency of GHz in a .um CMOS technology for a Clock and Data Recovery System. IEEE RECOGNISED PUBLICATIONS. Naming Of Parts. Balasubramanian Sivakumar, Athreya Vydhyanathan, Mohammed Ismail, (), A . Gsps -bit Stage Pipelined.

Flash Analog to in Everything We Do Digital Converter for UWB Applications Targeting stage Time Interleaving Architecture, MNRC. , Ottawa, Canada, October -, . [Also selected at WASET , Venice, Italy; ICACTE , Pukhet, Balasubramanian Sivakumar, Shankar Thirunakarasu, (), Current Pumping and Voltage Pulling, an study plan for masters Application to. Sexual In Everything Essays. a . Resolution. Gsps Flash ADC, published at ICACTE , Pukhet, Thailand, December -, . [Also selected at. WASET , Venice, Italy]. Balasubramanian Sivakumar, Bharath Anand, Winston Paul, (), Development of Protocol for Multi-User Wireless. CDMA Computer Network with Variable Data Rate and Dynamic Code Length Allocation in in Everything We Do Ad-Hoc Mode, ICCIMA, Sivakasi, India, Dec -, . Balasubramanian Sivakumar, (), Image Encryption Using Infinte Series Convergence, The International. Resolution. Conference on Systems Engineering, (ICSENG), University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA, Aug.-, . Developed a . Essays. GSPS, bit pipelined flash ADC aimed at time interleaved architecture having eight levels of. interleaving, developed layout, performed corner and Monte Carlo simulations. Constructed a Narrow Band Filter at . GHz, with a bandwidth of MHz, for an . filter. Plan Sample. Constructed a Class F Amplifier for Sexual Selection in Everything a microwave circuit operating at GHz. Developed the protocol, software(in Matlab) and simulated the hardware(in VHDL) for a wireless computer network. working with symbol synchronous CDMA technology in of tonkin resolution Ad Hoc mode with dynamic code and code length allocation. for variable data rates for my final year project in under graduate. Constructed a low power, medium range FM signal and speech transmitter for the rd semester mini project in under. Image processing in medical imaging, to detect fractures, tumors etc. Image encryption through scrambling using an. infinite series and in Everything Essays its convergence value as an encipher algorithm which was developed. This algorithm produces zero. error decryption. It has a reciprocal key of variable length, depending on image size and user input.

It is usually around. bits, i.e. an bit key. Data compression using polynomial, Gaussian, Bessel function approximations of data and american literature novel positions. These processes. are only very good approximations but not accurate. This method promises to We Do provide a compression ratio such that it. requires only around coefficients in the place of data lengths much larger than .*^. Author for the Matlab tutorial for Electronz, the ECE department News Letter in MNMJEC. Author and Judge for the C Coding Challenge in Electronz, the ECE department News Letter in MNMJEC. Received an invitation to join the International High IQ Society, after securing an aristotle nicomachean book IQ Score of . Editor for Electronz, the Selection ECE department News Letter in MNMJEC. Organizer for the LAN games for plan the ECE department symposium in MNMJEC. Member of in Everything We Do IEEE, member of american novel Circuits and Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Systems and Communications societies. SUMMER INTERNSHIP Jun Sep Summer Internship at The Integrated Systems Lab at Anna University, India worked under Prof.

P.V.Ramakrishna. Worked on optimization of PLLs, Matlab modeling of wedding filters, matching networks for Low Noise Amplifiers and bio-technology. References: Prof. Selection In Everything We Do. Mohammed Ismail. 2017, Women's Job List LLC.

All rights reserved.

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Nov 11, 2017 Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Essays, essay writing service -

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essay gun violence Gun control is a hot button issue, especially in the wake of Sexual in Everything so many recent, tragic mass shootings. It is also a polarizing issue, which means that it tends to divide people. When youre writing an argumentative essay, it generally doesnt matter what side of an issue you take. What matters is that you take a side and study for masters, support whichever position you choose. In the case of the gun control issue, you could plausiblyand defensiblytake either side: strict regulation up to and including an Sexual Selection Essays, outright ban on firearms or complete legalization of individual gun ownership. Either way, youre going to need strong evidence.

With this in mind, Ive sourced 12 gun control articles from online publications that illustrate both sides of the debate, plus two articles that can help you understand the background of the issue. For each article, Ive included the authors basic point and why the article is a worthwhile resource, as well as citations for APA and MLA 7th and MLA 8th editions. No matter what side you argue, this post will point you to some credible sources for your argumentative gun control essay. 6 Supporting Gun Control Articles. Pro-gun control article #1: Gun Control and the Constitution: Should We Amend the Second Amendment? This article discusses what is perhaps the literature novel greatest source of Sexual Selection We Do contention in american novel the entire debate: the in Everything We Do Second Amendments wording. The author quotes former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who advocates changing the Second Amendments confusing language to clarify that it only applies to henry reed of parts, those serving in Sexual We Do Essays a militia. Formerly called BusinessWeek until 2010, Bloomberg Businessweek has been around since 1929 and has earned numerous industry publication awards. Barrett, P. M. (2014, February 10). Literature! Gun control and the Constitution: Should we amend the Sexual Selection Essays Second Amendment?

Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved from http://www . Barrett, Paul M. Gun Control and the Constitution: Should We Amend the Second Amendment? Bloomberg Businessweek . Bloomberg, 20 Feb. American Literature! 2014. Web. 10 July 2016.

Barrett, Paul M. Gun Control and the Constitution: Should We Amend the Second Amendment? Bloomberg Businessweek , 20 Feb. 2014, Accessed 10 July 2016. A quick note about citations. Ive included both MLA 7th edition and in Everything, MLA 8th edition, as well as APA, citations for each article that you can use if you decide to reference the Ansoff’s for Strategic source in your gun control essay. Because the MLA 8th edition went into effect in early 2016, not all professors/schools will require the Selection We Do Essays use of the new format. Check with your professor to see which edition he or she prefers. The 8th edition of MLA also suggests that you include the gulf of tonkin resolution URL in each entry. Including the date you accessed an Sexual Essays, online source is now optional. Ive included both pieces of information in aristotle ethics book my examples.

(Again, check with your professor to see what he or she prefers.) Pro-gun control article #2: Its Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them. Bovy tackles the gun issue by arguing that the debate should not be about closing loopholes in Sexual Selection Essays gun control. She doesnt argue that specific types of guns should be banned, but argues that all guns should be banned. This article is published by New Republic, which was founded in 1914 as a journal of opinion which seeks to meet the challenge of a new time ( Of Tonkin Resolution! Today, the New Republic is the in Everything voice of creative thinkers, united by a collective desire to challenge the grooms speech status quo ( Bovey, P. M. (2015, December 10).

Its time to ban guns. Yes, all of them. New Republic. Selection In Everything We Do! Retrieved from Bovey, Phoebe, M. Ansoff’s Techniques Essay! Its Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them. New Republic. New Republic, 10 Dec. Selection In Everything We Do! 2015. Web. 10 July 2016.

Bovey, Phoebe, M. Its Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them. New Republic , 10 Dec. 2015, Accessed 10 July 2016. Pro-gun control article #3: Battleground America. This well-researched article was written in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting. It covers three main areas: An in-depth discussion of the plan for masters meaning of existing gun laws and the Second Amendment. Selection In Everything We Do! The difference between now and the time in which the Amendment was drafted.

How the drastically increased killing power of modern firearms makes any reference to the laws crafted two centuries ago obsolete. LePore is a frequent contributor to plan sample for masters, The New Yorker, as well as many other national news magazines. LePore, J. (2012, April 23). Battleground America. The New Yorker. Retrieved from Sexual in Everything We Do Essays, LePore, Jill. Battleground America. The New Yorker . The New Yorker, 23 Apr. 2012. Web. 10 July 2016.

LePore, Jill. Battleground America. The New Yorker , 23 Apr. 2012, Wedding Speech! Accessed 10 July 2016. Pro-gun control article #4: Why We Cant Talk About Gun Control. Hamblin discusses one of the most problematic aspects of the gun control debate: the fact that it is so politicized. Here, the author explains his opinion by framing it in his own experiences. In Everything We Do Essays! He states that he lost his job when he published a column arguing that its possible to regulate guns without infringing on individuals rights. Hamblin is a frequent contributor and senior editor at aristotle nicomachean, The Atlantic . Hamblin, J. (2014, June 29). Why we cant talk about gun control.

The Atlantic. Retrieved from /2014/06/how-to-interpret-the-second-amendment/373664. Hamblin, James. Why We Cant Talk About Gun Control. The Atlantic . The Atlantic Monthly Group , 29 June 2014. Sexual We Do Essays! Web. 10 July 2016. Hamblin, James. Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics! Why We Cant Talk About Gun Control. The Atlantic , The Atlantic Monthly Group , 29 June 2014, /archive/2014/06/how-to-interpret-the-second-amendment/373664. Accessed 10 July 2016. Pro-gun control article #5: Californias proposed gun laws wont change our culture of violence, but they will make us safer. This editorial by the the LA Times Editorial Board explains that, even though California has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, there are still many loopholes. The editorial board argues that stricter regulations for purchasing guns and ammunition need to be in place to stop gun violence.

The Los Angeles Times is a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper that has been in publication for more than 134 years. Times Editorial Board. (2016, April 22). Californias proposed gun laws wont change our culture of violence, but they will make us safer. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved from Selection We Do Essays,

Times Editorial Board. American Literature! Californias Proposed Gun Laws Wont Change Our Culture of Violence, but They Will Make Us Safer. . Sexual In Everything We Do! Los Angeles Times Media Group, 22 Apr. Gulf! 2016. Web. 10 July 2016. Times Editorial Board. Sexual! Californias Proposed Gun Laws Wont Change Our Culture of Violence, but They Will Make Us Safer. Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times Media Group, 22 Apr. 2016, editorials/la-ed-adv-california-guns-20160422-story. Accessed 10 July 2016. Pro-gun control article #6: 4 Pro-Gun Arguments Were Sick of Hearing. Though you might not automatically think hard-hitting news when you think of Rolling Stone magazine, the author of this brief article succinctly sums up four common pro-gun arguments and explains why she doesnt feel theyre effective. Rolling Stone covers a variety of aristotle ethics book 2 cultural, music, social, and political news and Sexual Selection We Do Essays, is a well-established magazine.

Marcotte, A. (2015, October 1). 4 pro-gun arguments were sick of hearing. Grooms! Rolling Stone . Retrieved from politics/news/4-pro-gun-arguments-were-sick-of-hearing-20151001. Marcotte, Amanda. 4 Pro-Gun Arguments Were Sick of Hearing. Rolling Stone . Selection In Everything! Rolling Stone, 1 Oct. 2015. Web.

10 July 2016. Marcotte, Amanda. 4 Pro-Gun Arguments Were Sick of Hearing. Rolling Stone, 1 Oct. 2015, Accessed 10 July 2016. Now that weve examined articles in favor of gun control, lets take a look at a few articles that are against gun control.

Anti-gun control article #1: 5 arguments against gun control and why they are all wrong. Published in grooms wedding speech the LA Times , this op-ed piece is written by Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes, who are the founders of the gun violence prevention site Armed With Reason. The authors argue that gun control laws dont deter criminals and cannot prevent mass shootings. DeFillipis, E., Hughes, D. (2016). 5 arguments against gun controland why they are all wrong. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved from opinion/op-ed/la-oe-defilippis-hughes-gun-myths-debunked-20160708-snap-story. DeFillipis, Evan and Devin Hughes 5 Arguments Against Gun Controland Why They are All Wrong. . Los Angeles Times, 8 July 2016. Web. 10 July 2016.

DeFillipis, Evan and Devin Hughes 5 Arguments Against Gun Controland Why They are All Wrong. Los Angeles Times , 8 July 2016, opinion/op-ed/la-oe-defilippis-hughes-gun-myths-debunked-20160708-snap-story. Selection In Everything Essays! Accessed 10 July 2016. Anti-gun control article #2: Gun control isnt the answer. Wilson, an author of several books about wedding speech, crime and a teaching fellow at Pepperdine University, asks an interesting question: how could or would we ever get rid of the hundreds of millions of guns that already exist in the United States? He takes the stance that banning firearms is pointless, that the genie is out of the bottle. He discounts the Sexual in Everything We Do debatedriven by the Virginia Tech shootings that occurred just before he wrote the articleas being driven by election politics and, therefore, insincere. Though this source is a bit older, it still raises a valid question. Wilson, J. American Literature Novel! Q. Selection Essays! (2007, April 20).

Gun control isnt the answer. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved from Wilson, James Q. Gun Control Isnt the Answer. . Los Angeles Times, 20 Apr. 2007. Web. 10 July 2016. Wilson, James Q. Gun Control Isnt the grooms speech Answer. Los Angeles Times, 20 Apr. 2007, Accessed 10 July 2016.

Anti-gun control article #3: Why Gun Owners are Right to Sexual Selection in Everything, Fight Against Gun Control. Hardy argues that sweeping gun control legislation proposed by american literature, the anti-gun lobby leaves no room for compromise. He then does a U-turn and complains about the slippery-slope nature of bans on one kind of weapon, such as assault weapons or sniper rifles, leading slowly but surely to total prohibition. Hardy fears that the gun control lobby is on a crusade to wipe out Sexual in Everything We Do Essays individual gun ownership altogether. Hardy is an Arizona attorney and a Second Amendment scholar and writer. Hardy, D. T. (2013, July 18). Why gun owners are right to fight against gun control.

Retrieved from 2013/07/18/why-second-amendment-supporters-are-righ. Hardy, David T. Why Gun Owners are Right to nicomachean book, Fight Against Gun Control. . Reason Foundation, 18 July 2013. Sexual In Everything! Web. 10 July 2016. Hardy, David T. Why Gun Owners are Right to of tonkin resolution, Fight Against Gun Control., Reason Foundation, 18 July 2013, archives/2013/07/18/why-second-amendment-supporters-are-righ. Accessed 10 July 2016. Anti-gun control article #4: American Sniper widow: Gun control wont protect us.

This opinion piece discusses one womans experience with gun violence and why she believes gun control is not the answer. Taya Kyle, the writer of in Everything this article, is also the Model Techniques Essay author of in Everything We Do Essays American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith, and Renewal . The movie American Sniper was based on american literature novel her late husband, Chris Kyle. Kyle, T. (2013, July 18). Sexual In Everything Essays! American Sniper widow: Gun control wont protect us. CNN. Aristotle Nicomachean Book! Retrieved from Kyle, Taya. Sexual Selection In Everything Essays! American Sniper Widow: Gun Control Wont Protect Us. Cable News Network, 18 July 2013. Web. 10 July 2016. Kyle, Taya. American Sniper Widow: Gun Control Wont Protect Us. CNN , 18 July 2013,

Accessed 10 July 2016. Anti-gun control article #5: A Criminologists Case Against Gun Control. This article includes an interview with James Jacobs, director of the Center for Research in Crime and Justice at speech, New York University School of Law. He is also a professor of Selection We Do Essays constitutional law and the author of Can Gun Control Work? In this article, Jacobs examines misunderstandings about gun control and examines the gulf of tonkin effectiveness of various gun control strategies. Davidson, J. (2015, December 1).

A criminologists case against gun control. Time. Retrieved from Davidson, Jacob. A Criminologists Case Against Gun Control. Time Inc., 1 Dec. 2015. Web. 10 July 2016. Davidson, Jacob. A Criminologists Case Against Gun Control. Time , 1 Dec. 2015,

Accessed 10 July 2016. Anti-gun control article #6: How Gun Control Kills. The author gives examples of incidents of gun violence that were stopped by people carrying guns, arguing that had such people not been on the scene, the results would have been worse. Hunter is an aide to conservative senator Rand Paul. Hunter, J. Sexual Essays! (2012, December 27). How gun control kills. Speech! The American Conservative.

Retrieved from articles/how-gun-control-kills. Hunter, Jack. How Gun Control Kills. The American Conservative . Burr Media Group, 27 Dec. 2012. Web. 10 July 2016. Hunter, Jack. How Gun Control Kills. The American Conservative, Burr Media Group, 27 Dec. 2012, We Do Essays! Accessed 10 July 2016. 2 Resources About the Gun Control Debate. If youre looking for articles with more background on american literature novel the subject, check out these two resources that provide an overview of gun control and Sexual in Everything, a variety of discussions about the topic. In 20152016, the well-respected news source CNN aired a series of for Strategic Essay programming titled Guns in America . This resource contains both articles and videos about a wide array of gun-related topics, including town-hall meetings, an interview with President Obama, gun violence statistics, interviews with the NRA, a discussion of the Sexual We Do gun industry, and segments about guns and police.

The articles and study for masters, videos are too numerous to cite in this post, but Ive included one sample to Sexual, help illustrate how you might cite these resources. Simon, M., Sanchez, R. (2015, December 4). U.S. Gulf Of Tonkin! gun violence: The story in charts and graphs. Sexual Selection Essays! CNN. American Novel! Retrieved from 04/us/gun-violence-graphics/index.html. Simon, Mallory and Ray Sanchez. U.S. Gun Violence: The Story in Charts and Graphs.

Cable News Network, 4 Dec. 2015. Web. 10 July 2016. Simon, Mallory and Ray Sanchez. U.S. Gun Violence: The Story in Charts and Graphs. CNN , 4 Dec. 2015,

Accessed 10 July 2016. This article, published by the The New York Times , provides broad definitions of We Do Essays gun control, includes arguments both for and against gun control, and even speculates as to why its so difficult to solve the grooms wedding debate. Perez-Pena, R. (2015, October 7). Gun control explained. The New York Times. In Everything! Retrieved from 07/us/gun-control-explained.html?_r=0. Perez-Pena, Richard. Gun Control Explained. . Gulf! The New York Times Company, 7 Oct. We Do Essays! 2015. Web. Wedding Speech! 10 July 2016.

Perez-Pena, Richard. Gun Control Explained. The New York Times , 7 Oct. 2015, Accessed 10 July 2016. You can cite these or any of thousands of other gun control articles to buttress your argument. (Read 5 Best Resources to Sexual We Do, Help With Writing a Research Paper if you need assistance researching more scholarly sources.) Whichever side of the issue you take, make sure to gulf of tonkin, mention the source, cite it properly (in-text and in your Works Cited or References list), and format direct quotations, summaries, and paraphrases per Selection We Do MLA 7th edition, MLA 8th edition, or APA guidelines. If you copy the Ansoff’s for Strategic Essay examples APA or MLA citations I created above, be sure to update the accessed date (10 July 2016) to Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Essays, the date that you accessed the american literature novel article. Keep in mind that there will be very, very few sources (including the ones I used above) that are totally objective. Most writersand most websiteswill be catering to an audience. For a fuller list of issues on both sides of the Selection Essays debate, check out these Top Pro Con Arguments on gun control. Your job is to filter out the bias and see what value a given persons argument really has.

Some of the most rabid commentators on study sample both sides of the issue actually make good pointsyou just have to get past all the screaming. Once youre ready to start writing, check out these sample essays on Essays gun control for some ideas on henry how to put your paper together. If you need help with writing your essay, read How to Write a Research Paper: a Step-by-Step Guide. Need help with overall formatting according to Sexual in Everything, the style guide youre using? Give these resources a try:

When youre finished drafting your argument, dont forget to have an editor proofread your essay for you. Psst. 98% of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays. About the american Author.

Naomi Tepper is a former Kibin editor, the former content manager for Sexual the Kibin blog, and forever a word nerd. Youre welcome! Im glad you found this to henry of parts, be helpful. 1) This is a good place to start because the Second Amendment is pretty. much the cornerstone of the whole debate, and the modification that. Stevens suggests highlights the Sexual Selection in Everything fact that the Second Amendment refers to.

an armed citizen militia, not individual gun ownership. Actually, the fact that Stevens wants to change the 2nd points to the fact that the 2nd DOES NOT refer to an armed militia, because his change is nonsense. The organized militia is a body of the government and thus, needs no right to be armed. 2) If you use this one, you are arguing for prior restraint against an inalienable right. 110 million gun owners. 8855 gun murders. 99.9996% of plan for masters all gun owners. safe. 3) David Hardy is absolutely right.

Hes the only one that backs up his arguments with evidence. 4) Yep. Gun controlor the possibility of gun control is costing some states long held jobs. And some state politicians their jobs, too. 5) Interesting premisebut just an opinion. Heres a sixth: Investigate the racist roots of gun control.

If you want to discuss the 2nd amendment, stay away from emotional arguments. The 2nd amendment protects a pre-existing, individual, inalienable right to keep and bear arms. It does not derived from the Constitution. It is protected by it. That is the base from Sexual Selection Essays, which you should discuss all gun control.

Clearly some one PRO gun control based on american literature novel their wording. The second amendment, the right to bear arms, is currently under heavy fire. Many people believe that firearms are directly linked to crime, and are just too dangerous in general. These people believe that stricter gun laws need to in Everything Essays, be in place, or the of tonkin resolution second amendment is outdated and Selection in Everything We Do Essays, no longer relative or necessary. This is untrue. The second amendment and the right to bear arms must remain intact. The second amendment is long standing, and crucial to the American citizens, for purposes including worst case scenarios and american literature novel, life or death situations, and Sexual in Everything We Do, not to reed of parts, mention that through multiple studies, statistics and research have shown and discovered that stricter gun laws, or prohibition altogether, would only worsen the situation. Firearms actually prevent more crimes than they are involved in committing.

This right gives the Sexual We Do American citizens the ability to defend and fight for themselves, their neighbors, and their family, in the face of any evil, foreign or local. One must also remember that stricter gun laws will not necessarily stop or hinder crime. Criminals do, after all, break the law on a regular basis. Most firearms used in criminal activities are illegally obtained, whether stolen or bought through an illegal source. Overall, the american literature novel second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, is still in place for a very good reason. This right allows the people to defend themselves at Sexual Selection, any given time, and therefor live without certain fear. Looks like you have a good start to your own pro-gun essay here. (Just be sure to back up your statements with credible sources and research.) This is just skippy except the second amendment gives me the grooms right to Sexual in Everything We Do, be armed to protect me from an oppressive government. They colonists had just fought a war to free themselves from an oppressive government, so the second amendment is not there to give me the right to hunt or shoot burglars. Ansoff’s Model Essay! If the government allows the police or the military to become excessive, calling them to protect you from them doesnt make much sense does it?

And yes, there were some pretty awesome weapons (multi-shot repeaters) in the 1700s that the We Do Essays founders were fully aware of. Just some questions from an outsider. Why are Americans afraid of wedding their neighbor and so have to Sexual in Everything We Do, carry a weapon? Why do Americans think that the Police are so incompetent that they have to arm themselves to do their job. Why are citizens allowed to open carry their guns to the mall and local store but politicians will not allow them to carry a weapon to the Conservative Party National Convention? Why do Americans give criminals the right to carry weapons? All of these questions would make great material for a paper on the topic. wow the of tonkin potato is strong with you, the most violent states in the country are california, new york illinois, and DC, all have some of the Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Essays most restrictive laws in the country, and are suprisingly full of tolerant liberals

Sounds like you could definitely write an for Strategic Techniques Essay, essay defending this position, Bree great research. As an Englishman I have been on and off following this for years. Up till fairly recently, under the Truck Acts( passed in We Do Essays the 19th century) stipulated that all persons in gainful employment had to be paid in grooms current currency of the realm. In other words, they had to be paid in cash. Thus the employer would send the pay clerk to the bank, after having worked out how many items of each piece of currency was needed to render the exact amount down to the last smallest value coin. He would go to the same bank, the same local branch, and the same time. Pre-WW2 this was for the most part safe. The reason was quite simple; in Sexual Selection the 1930s the moral standards set out in the Christian faith were still strongly respected, even by many who were either non-churchgoers or were not exactly noted for their fervency of belief.

However, the influence of the Sunday School movement was very strong. WW2 disrupted this, a factor commented on unfavourably in Vol.1 of Sir John Hamertons work, The Second Great War. All the evacuations had the for masters effect of depriving many of the means of grace that inculcated moral standards. The result was a progressive decline in such standards post-WW2. Selection In Everything! Then, first one, then another began to gulf, notice the pay clerks routine.

Result? An increasing round of wage-snatching of progressively increasing violence. In the wake of these, some started up security firms who would guarantee safe delivery of the cash. Eventually some security firms personnel began carrying handguns. Essays! One incident in December, 1961 fairly threw the cat among the pigeons. A gang attacked a security van, not knowing that its personnel were armed, as well as having a guard dog. One of the guards opened fire, wounding one of the study plan gang, who fled away empty-handed, leaving a fearsome array of weapons.

The reaction of the police was to demand the disarming of Sexual in Everything Essays all bank guards; one senior police officer even bleated that was better to lose ?100,000 than to risk the criminals carrying guns in resolution response. I suppose he had in mind that Parliament had not long before decided to limit the Sexual Selection We Do categories of capital murder to, among other, murder committed in the furtherance of literature theft, but he may have also feared a more widespread rise in armed robberies. As it was, not far from where I am typing this out, and We Do, only 18 months later, 26 times the amount he mentioned was stolen in what we still call the henry naming of parts Great Train Robbery. Jumping from there to the Dunblane massacre and the subsequent Acts that banned all civilian ownership of Selection handguns(1996, 1997), a number of features emerge. Plan Sample For Masters! The murderer had already gotten into Sexual in Everything We Do, bad odour with the Scouts, and sample for masters, increasingly with others, and this led at least one junior police officer to Sexual Selection in Everything We Do, suggest that his licences(for FOUR handguns!) be revoked. In the wake of Lord Cullens report the cops superior resigned. However, the reaction of at least one, if not more, of Londons grubbier tabloids was to scream out louder for all civilian ownership of handguns to be banned, a sentiment led one Tory MP to say that he now knew what it was like to of tonkin, have been a Jew in Hitlers Germany. Sexual Selection We Do Essays! For the grooms speech Sun, read Der Sturmer; for the Suns then editor read Julius Streicher, who duly swung at We Do Essays, a ropes end for the crimes he committed in WW2. Henry Reed Naming Of Parts! As if that hasnt been enough, it appears that the proceedings of the Selection in Everything Cullen Committee will remain under lock and key till 2096.

There has been one recent developmentalbeit a small one. Two men attempted to break into henry reed, a house; one of the Sexual Selection Essays owners had a shotgun, and he fired at them, killing one. When arraigned before a court on a charge of murder, the presiding judge directed the study plan for masters jury to acquit. He cited a noted English jurist, Sir Edward Coke, who lived some 400 years ago, as saying that an Englishmans home is his castle. Yes, one of the Sexual leaders of the gun control mob(not very large, but unduly influential) expressed disappointment at aristotle nicomachean book, the ruling and verdict. Still, it is a chink of Selection light.

What happens in the future is yet to be seen. Incidentally, during November 2000 I spent a fortnight on holiday in Texas at the invitation of a woman friend. Amazingly, I felt safer in downtown San Antonio than I would in many British cities. I put it down to three factors, viz. American Literature! (I) they still have the in Everything Essays death penalty for murder we pensioned off the hangman in 1965; (ii) after training and certification one can carry a concealed handgun makes it dangerous for intending burglars or muggers; (iii) in Teas, and in large parts of the US, one enjoys the means of grace in the form of plan Christian schooling and Christian broadcasting here in the UK faith schools are allowed, but secular humanists bleat about indoctrination of children, while Christian broadcasting is Sexual Selection in Everything Essays, severely restricted, with even one complainer being apparently enough to study plan sample, shut it down. Molon Labe. Sexual Selection In Everything! My question is how do you plan on finding and removing ever gun across the aristotle ethics 2 nation? Stop the black market where other cartel and gangs will flood the street with weapons from other countries that produce them?

Leprechauns riding unicorns patrolling the Sexual Selection in Everything We Do Essays candy land streets of delusionalville? So the plan is to remove them from the aristotle nicomachean law abiding citizens (because they are the only ones that would turn them in Sexual Selection without a fire fight). Criminalize the ones that refuse to turn them in AND fight them with government agencies that have guns. Aristotle Book! So now with the law abiding citizen are disarmed, the ones that refuse to be disarmed are criminals and the gangs and criminals keep their firearms because wellthey are criminalsyeap seems like a solid plan to me! Lets move forward with this and see how well it turns out.

Hitler, Stalin, Pot and Moa would be proud!

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Can computers really grade essay tests? The inside track on Washington politics. *Invalid email address. New software described in this New York Times story allows teachers to leave essay grading to the computer. It was developed by EdX, the nonprofit organization that was founded jointly by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and that will give the software to Sexual in Everything other schools for free. Ethics Book 2! The story says that the software uses artificial intelligence to grade student essays and Selection in Everything We Do short written answers. Multiple-choice exams have, of course, been graded by machine for american a long time, but essays are another matter. Can a computer program accurately capture the depth, beauty, structure, relevance, creativity etc., of an essay? The National Council of Teachers of Selection in Everything English says, unequivocally, no in its newest position statement.

Here it is: Machine Scoring Fails the Test. [A] computer could not measure accuracy, reasoning, adequacy of evidence, good sense, ethical stance, convincing argument, meaningful organization, clarity, and veracity in literature novel your essay. If this is true I dont believe a computer would be able to Selection measure my full capabilities and grade me fairly. Akash, student. [H]ow can the feedback a computer gives match the carefully considered comments a teacher leaves in the margins or at the end of your paper? Pinar, student. (Responses to american novel New York Times The Learning Network blog post, How Would You Feel about a Computer Grading Your Essays?, 5 April 2013) Writing is a highly complex ability developed over years of practice, across a wide range of Sexual in Everything We Do Essays tasks and contexts, and with copious, meaningful feedback.

Students must have this kind of sustained experience to meet the literature, demands of higher education, the needs of a 21st-century workforce, the challenges of civic participation, and the realization of full, meaningful lives. As the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) sweep into individual classrooms, they bring with them a renewed sense of the importance of Sexual writing to students education. Writing teachers have found many aspects of the CCSS to applaud; however, we must be diligent in developing assessment systems that do not threaten the possibilities for the rich, multifaceted approach to american novel writing instruction advocated in the CCSS. Effective writing assessments need to account for the nature of writing, the ways students develop writing ability, and the role of the teacher in fostering that development. Research 1 on in Everything Essays the assessment of student writing consistently shows that high-stakes writing tests alter the normal conditions of writing by denying students the opportunity to think, read, talk with others, address real audiences, develop ideas, and revise their emerging texts over time. Often, the results of such tests can affect the livelihoods of teachers, the fate of schools, or the educational opportunities for students. In such conditions, the narrowly conceived, artificial form of the tests begins to subvert attention to other purposes and varieties of writing development in the classroom. Eventually, the tests erode the foundations of excellence in writing instruction, resulting in students who are less prepared to meet the demands of their continued education and future occupations. Especially in the transition from high school to college, students are ill served when their writing experience has been dictated by gulf of tonkin resolution tests that ignore the Sexual Essays, ever-more complex and varied types and uses of writing found in higher education. Note : (1) All references to research are supported by the extensive work documented in the annotated bibliography attached to this report. These concerns increasingly voiced by parents, teachers, school administrators, students, and members of the general public are intensified by the use of machine-scoring systems to read and evaluate students writing.

To meet the outcomes of the Common Core State Standards, various consortia, private corporations, and testing agencies propose to use computerized assessments of student writing. The attraction is obvious: once programmed, machines might reduce the costs otherwise associated with the human labor of reading, interpreting, and evaluating the writing of our students. Yet when we consider what is lost because of machine scoring, the presumed savings turn into significant new costs to study plan students, to our educational institutions, and to society. Heres why: Computers are unable to recognize or judge those elements that we most associate with good writing (logic, clarity, accuracy, ideas relevant to a specific topic, innovative style, effective appeals to audience, different forms of Selection Essays organization, types of persuasion, quality of evidence, humor or irony, and effective uses of grooms wedding speech repetition, to name just a few). Sexual Selection We Do! Using computers to read and american evaluate students writing (1) denies students the chance to have anything but limited features recognized in their writing; and (2) compels teachers to ignore what is most important in Sexual in Everything writing instruction in order to teach what is least important. Computers use different, cruder methods than human readers to judge students writing. For example, some systems gauge the sophistication of gulf of tonkin vocabulary by measuring the average length of words and Sexual We Do how often the words are used in a corpus of texts; or they gauge the development of ideas by counting the length and number of sentences per paragraph.

Computers are programmed to score papers written to plan for masters very specific prompts, reducing the incentive for teachers to develop innovative and creative occasions for writing, even for assessment. Computers get progressively worse at scoring as the length of the writing increases, compelling test makers to design shorter writing tasks that dont represent the Essays, range and variety of writing assignments needed to prepare students for the more complex writing they will encounter in Model Essay examples college. Computer scoring favors the most objective, surface features of writing (grammar, spelling, punctuation), but problems in these areas are often created by the testing conditions and are the most easily rectified in normal writing conditions when there is time to revise and edit. Privileging surface features disproportionately penalizes nonnative speakers of English who may be on in Everything a developmental path that machine scoring fails to recognize. Conclusions that computers can score as well as humans are the result of humans being trained to score like the computers (for example, being told not to make judgments on the accuracy of information). Computer scoring systems can be gamed because they are poor at working with human language, further weakening the of tonkin, validity of their assessments and separating students not on Selection in Everything We Do the basis of writing ability but on literature novel whether they know and can use machine-tricking strategies. Sexual Selection We Do! Computer scoring discriminates against students who are less familiar with using technology to write or complete tests. Further, machine scoring disadvantages school districts that lack funds to provide technology tools for gulf of tonkin resolution every student and skews technology acquisition toward devices needed to meet testing requirements. In Everything We Do! Computer scoring removes the purpose from written communication to create human interactions through a complex, socially consequential system of meaning making and grooms wedding sends a message to students that writing is not worth their time because reading it is not worth the time of the people teaching and assessing them.

What Are the Alternatives? Together with other professional organizations, the National Council of Teachers of English has established research-based guidelines for effective teaching and assessment of writing, such as the Standards for Sexual Selection in Everything Essays the Assessment of Reading and literature Writing (rev. ed., 2009), the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing (2011), the NCTE Beliefs about the Teaching of Writing (2004), and the Framework for 21st Century Curriculum and Assessment (2008, 2013). In the broadest sense, these guidelines contend that good assessment supports teaching and learning. Specifically, high-quality assessment practices will. encourage students to become engaged in Selection in Everything We Do Essays literacy learning, to reflect on their own reading and writing in of tonkin resolution productive ways, and to set respective literacy goals; yield high-quality, useful information to inform teachers about Essays curriculum, instruction, and aristotle book the assessment process itself; balance the Selection in Everything Essays, need to assess summatively (make final judgments about the quality of student work) with the need to assess formatively (engage in ongoing, in-process judgments about what students know and can do, and what to teach next); recognize the complexity of literacy in novel todays society and in Everything Essays reflect that richness through holistic, authentic, and varied writing instruction; at their core, involve professionals who are experienced in teaching writing, knowledgeable about wedding speech students literacy development, and familiar with current research in literacy education. A number of effective practices enact these research-based principles, including portfolio assessment; teacher assessment teams; balanced assessment plans that involve more localized (classroom- and district-based) assessments designed and Sexual administered by classroom teachers; and audit teams of teachers, teacher educators, and writing specialists who visit districts to review samples of student work and the curriculum that has yielded them.

We focus briefly here on portfolios because of the extensive scholarship that supports them and the positive experience that many educators, schools, and aristotle nicomachean ethics book school districts have had with them. Engaging teams of in Everything We Do teachers in evaluating portfolios at the building, district, or state level has the potential to honor the Ansoff’s Model Techniques Essay examples, challenging expectations of the CCSS while also reflecting what we know about effective assessment practices. Portfolios offer the opportunity to. look at student writing across multiple events, capturing growth over time while avoiding the limitations of one test on one day; look at the range of writing across a group of students while preserving the individual character of Essays each students writing; review student writing through multiple lenses, including content accuracy and use of resources; assess student writing in the context of local values and goals as well as national standards. Just as portfolios provide multiple types of data for assessment, they also allow students to wedding speech learn as a result of engaging in the assessment process, something seldom associated with more traditional one-time assessments. Students gain insight about their own writing, about Selection in Everything ways to identify and describe its growth, and about how others human readers interpret their work. The process encourages reflection and goal setting that can result in american literature further learning beyond the assessment experience. Similarly, teachers grow as a result of administering and scoring the portfolio assessments, something seldom associated with more traditional one-time assessments. This embedded professional development includes learning more about typical levels of writing skill found at in Everything Essays a particular level of schooling along with ways to identify and describe quality writing and growth in writing.

The discussions about collections of writing samples and criteria for assessing the writing contribute to a shared investment among all participating teachers in the writing growth of all students. Further, when the portfolios include a wide range of artifacts from sample for masters, learning and writing experiences, teachers assessing the portfolios learn new ideas for classroom instruction as well as ways to design more sophisticated methods of assessing student work on a daily basis. Several states such as Kentucky, Nebraska, Vermont, and California have experimented with the development of large-scale portfolio assessment projects that make use of teams of teachers working collaboratively to assess samples of student work. Rather than investing heavily in assessment plans that cannot meet the goals of the CCSS, various legislative groups, private companies, and educational institutions could direct those funds into refining these nascent portfolio assessment systems. Sexual! This investment would also support teacher professional development and enhance the aristotle nicomachean book 2, quality of instruction in Selection classrooms something that machine-scored writing prompts cannot offer. In 2010, the federal government awarded $330 million to two consortia of states to provide ongoing feedback to teachers during the course of the Ansoff’s Model for Strategic Essay, school year, measure annual school growth, and move beyond narrowly focused bubble tests (United States Department of Education). Further, these assessments will need to align to the new standards for learning in English and mathematics. Sexual In Everything Essays! This has proven to for Strategic Techniques Essay be a formidable task, but it is achievable. By combining the already existing National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) assessment structures for Sexual Selection Essays evaluating school system performance with ongoing portfolio assessment of american literature novel student learning by Sexual Essays educators, we can cost-effectively assess writing without relying on henry reed of parts flawed machine-scoring methods. By doing so, we can simultaneously deepen student and educator learning while promoting grass-roots innovation at the classroom level.

For a fraction of the cost in time and money of building a new generation of machine assessments, we can invest in rigorous assessment and teaching processes that enrich, rather than interrupt, high-quality instruction. Our students and Sexual Selection their families deserve it, the for masters, research base supports it, and literacy educators and administrators will welcome it.