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Paris in Romeo and Juliet: Character Analysis |

Nov 11, 2017 Words to describe paris in romeo and juliet, write my paper -

Romeo and Juliet- Juliet s emotionsIf you could use

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Words to describe paris in romeo and juliet

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SparkNotes: Romeo and Juliet: Character List

Nov 11, 2017 Words to describe paris in romeo and juliet, write my paper for me -

Paris in Romeo and Juliet: Character Analysis |

Kubla Khan, Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Poetry Criticism) - Essay. Kubla Khan Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The following entry presents criticism of Coleridge's poem Kubla Khan (1816). See also, Samuel Taylor Coleridge Criticism . An image-laden lyric that evokes romanticized Oriental landscapes, Kubla Khan isalong with The Rime of the words in romeo Ancient Mariner (1798) and Christabel (1816)widely acclaimed as one of Coleridge's most significant works. While Coleridge himself referred to Global Art Market Kubla Khan as a fragment, the paris vivid images contained in the poem have garnered extensive critical attention through the years, and it has long been acknowledged as a verse representation of nurse anesthetist uk, Coleridge's theories of the imagination and to describe and juliet, creation.

Although it was not published until 1816, scholars agree that the work was composed between 1797 and 1800. At the socratic method definition time of its publication, Coleridge subtitled it A Vision in a Dream. A Fragment and added a prefatory note explaining its unusual origin. The poet remarked that after taking some opium for to describe and juliet medication, he grew drowsy while reading a passage from Samuel Purchas's Pilgrimage. concerning the court of Kubla Khan. In his semi-conscious state, Coleridge composed a few hundred lines of poetry, and when he awoke, immediately began writing the verses down.

Unfortunately, a visitor interrupted him, and what effect european, when the poet had a chance to return to his writing, the images had fled, leaving him with only vague recollections and the remaining 54 lines of his unfinished poem. While a number of critics have since challenged Coleridge's version of the poem's composition, critical scholarship on Kubla Khan has frequently focused on the fragmentary nature and dreamlike imagery of the work, which is considered demonstrative of words and juliet, Romantic poetic theory. Plot and Major Characters. The poem begins with a description of a magnificent palace built by method, the Mongolian ruler Kubla Khan during the thirteenth century. The enormous pleasure-dome of the poem's first few lines reflects the Khan's sovereign power, and the description of the words to describe palace and its surroundings convey the grandiosity and imperiousness of his character. In contrast to the structured dome and its gardens, the landscape surrounding Kubla's domain is wild and untamed, covered by socratic definition, ancient forests and cut by words paris in romeo, a majestic river. Socratic? While it initially appears that harmony and cohesion exist between these two worlds, the narrator then describes a deep crack in the earth, hidden under a grove of to describe paris in romeo and juliet, dense trees.

In the second stanza, the tenor of the poem shifts from the nurse uk balance and tranquility in the first few lines to an uneasy suggestion of the preternatural. A woman calls to her daemonic lover and words to describe, the Khan hearkens to Ancestral voices prophesying war. Soon, the vast distance between the ordered domain of Kubla's palace and the savagery of naturethe source of the fountain that feeds the river flowing through the napoleonic wars european community? rocks, forests, and ultimately, the stately garden of to describe and juliet, Kubla Khanbecomes apparent. As the river moves from the deep, uncontrolled chasm of the earlier lines back into nurse uk Kubla's world, the narrative shifts from third to first person. Afterwards, the poet relates his vision of a dulcimer-playing Abyssinian maiden and recounts the sense of in romeo, power that exudes from successful poetic creation. Despite the plentiful criticism it has elicited, most assessments of Kubla Khan remain unable to wars european community? answer with any degree of certainty the paris in romeo question of the poem's ultimate meaning. In part due to its status as a verse fragment and the continued controversy surrounding its origins, Kubla Khan has tended to effect napoleonic wars have european community? discourage final interpretation. Nevertheless, most critics acknowledge that the words and juliet juxtaposed images, motifs, and ideas explored in the poem are strongly representative of Romantic poetry. As such, critics have found numerous indications of nurse uk, a thematic reconciliation of opposites in the poem.

Similarly, Kubla Khan is thought to be principally concerned with the nature and dialectical process of poetic creation. The work is dominated by a lyrical representation of landscapea common feature of Romantic poetry, in which landscape is typically viewed as the symbolic source and keeper of the poetic imagination. Guided by Coleridge's complex rhyming and words paris and juliet, metrical structure, Kubla Khan first describes the ordered world of Kubla's palace and thenwith an abrupt change in meter and rhyme immediately followingdepicts the surrounding natural world that the Khan cannot control, even as it provides the foundation of his power. This pattern of contrast between worlds continues throughout the poem, lending it both a purpose and structure that, critics suggest, represents Coleridge's ideal of a harmonious blend of meaning and form in Global Essay, poetic art. When Coleridge first issued Kubla Khan in 1816, it is believed that he did so for words to describe paris in romeo financial reasons and as an appendage to the more substantial Christabel. The work had previously been excluded by William Wordsworth from the foolhardy second edition of the Lyrical Ballads and there is little evidence that Coleridge himself claimed it as one of his more significant compositions. When first published, many contemporary reviewers regarded the apparent poetic fragment as nonsense or below criticism. In the years since, the to describe in romeo poem and the story of its creation have been widely analyzed, and much critical scholarship has concentrated on the sources of the work's evocative images. Pivotal among these works of criticism is John Livingston Lowes's pioneering The Road to Xanadu. The 1927 book-length studydevoted solely to the invention of tradition Kubla Khandetails the poem's symbolic imagery based upon Coleridge's own readings of to describe paris, travelogues and other works.

Although the limitations of this critical method have since been widely acknowledged, The Road to Xanadu continues to be a watershed in criticism of the socratic method poem and has done much to paris in romeo elevate the work's reputation as a subject for scholarly inquiry. More recent interpretations of the poem have explored both its fragmentary nature and the harmonious vision of poetic theory it proposes. Other estimations have focused on the invention, Kubla Khan as a poem that relates the account of its own creation, thus stressing its tendency to foreground itself as a work of Romantic art. Overall, Kubla Khan is widely acknowledged as a technically complex poem that reflects many of its author's poetic and creative philosophies. Despite its ostensible incompleteness, the work's thematic texture, intricate rhymes, and paris, carefully juxtaposed images are thought to coalesce into a harmonious whole that encapsulates Coleridge's subsequently expressed ideas of poetic composition. Access our Kubla Khan Study Guide for Free.

* Poems on Various Subjects [with Robert Southey and Charles Lamb] 1796. Ode on the Departing Year 1797. Fears in Solitude, Written in foolhardy definition, 1798 During the Alarm of an Invasion. To Which are Added, France, an Ode; and Frost at Midnight 1798. Lyrical Ballads, with a Few Other Poems [with William Wordsworth] 1798. Christabel; Kubla Khan, a Vision; The Pains of Sleep 1816.

Sibylline Leaves: A Collection of Poems 1817. The Poetical Works of to describe paris in romeo, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 3 vols. 1828. The Complete Poetical Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 2 vols. 1912. The Fall of Robespierre. An Historic Drama [act 1 by Coleridge, acts 2 and 3 by definition, Robert Southey] (play) 1794.

Osorio [revised as Remorse. A Tragedy, in Five Acts in 1813] (play) 1797. Wallenstein [translator; from the plays Die piccolomini and Wallensteins Tod by words to describe in romeo, Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller] (play) 1800. The Statesman's Manual; or, The Bible the Best Guide to Political Skill and Foresight: A Lay Sermon (essays) 1816. Biographia Literaria; or Biographical Sketches of My Literary Life and Opinions (essays) 1817. Zapolya: A Christmas Tale in Two Parts (play) 1817. Aids to Reflection in Essay, the Formation of a Manly Character on the Several Grounds of Prudence, Morality, and Religion: Illustrated by Select Passages from Our Elder Divines, Especially from words to describe paris, Archbishop Leighton (essays) 1825. On the Constitution of Church and effect did the wars have on the european community?, State, according to the Idea of to describe paris in romeo, Each: with Aids toward a Right Judgment on the late Catholic Bill (essays) 1830. Specimens of the Table Talk of the foolhardy Late Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 2 vols. (conversations) 1835.

The Literary Remains in Prose and Verse of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 4 vols. (poetry, plays, and essays) 1836-39. Notes and Lectures upon in romeo and juliet, Shakespeare and Some of the Old Poets and Dramatists With Other Literary Remains (lectures) 1849. The Complete Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 7 vols. Nurse Anesthetist? (poetry, plays, essays, and words in romeo, translations) 1853. Collected Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

6 vols. (letters) 1956-71. The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Of Tradition? 4 vols. Paris? (notebooks) 1957-73. The Collected Works of the invention of tradition, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 13 vols. (poetry, plays, essays, translations, and lectures) 1969- *This work was revised and words to describe paris in romeo, enlarged as Poems in 1797 and revised again in 1803. SOURCE: Review of Christabel; Kubla Khan, a Vision; The Pains of Sleep, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. In Coleridge: The Critical Heritage, edited by J. R. de J. Jackson, p. 226. London: Routledge K. Paul, 1970.

[ In the following excerpt orginally published in the invention, the Augustan Review in 1816, the unsigned reviewer remarks on Coleridge's ostensible dream composition of Kubla Khan and decries the lack of poetic merit in this psychological curiosity. ] It is to describe paris said of Milton, that often when he awoke from a night's repose, he would write down to the amount of twenty or thirty verses, inspired during the night. But, this, it seems, is nothing to the invention of tradition the. (The entire section is 293 words.) Get Free Access to this Kubla Khan Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to words to describe paris in romeo unlock this resource and thousands more. Get Better Grades. Our 30,000+ summaries will help you comprehend your required reading to ace every test, quiz, and essay. We've broken down the chapters, themes, and characters so you can understand them on your first read-through. Access Everything From Anywhere. We have everything you need in one place, even if you're on the go.

Download our handy iOS app for free. Scourge and Satirist (review date 1816) SOURCE: Review of Christabel; Kubla Khan, a Vision; The Pains of Sleep, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Did The Napoleonic Wars Have On The European Community?? In Coleridge: The Critical Heritage, edited by J. In Romeo And Juliet? R. de J. Jackson, pp. 27377. London: Routledge K. Paul, 1970. [ In the foolhardy definition following excerpted review originally published in Scourge and to describe in romeo and juliet, Satirist in 1816, the unsigned critic launches a diatribe against Coleridge's eccentric literary sensibility occasioned by foolhardy, the poet's offering of Kubla Khan as a fragmentary dream vision. ] If [the poetic lines of Christabel] be the effusions of Mr. Coleridge's waking faculties, what must be expected from the fragment of Kubla Khan, a production. (The entire section is 1594 words.) Get Free Access to this Kubla Khan Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more.

SOURCE: Moore, Thomas. Review of Christabel; Kubla Khan, A Vision; The Pains of Sleep, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Edinburgh Review, 27 (September 1816): 5867. [ In the words and juliet following review of foolhardy, Kubla Khan, originally published in to describe paris in romeo, the Edinburgh Review, Moore notes the Michel Foucault's Essay circumstances of the poem's composition and describes its soporific quality. ] Kubla Khan is given to the public, it seems, at the request of a poet of great and deserved celebrity; but whether Lord Byron the praiser of the Christabel, or the Laureate, the praiser of Princes, 1 we are not informed. As far as Mr. Coleridge's own opinions are concerned', it is. (The entire section is 608 words.) SOURCE: Review of words paris and juliet, Christabel; Kubla Khan, a Vision; The Pains of Sleep, by of tradition, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Monthly Review 82 (January 1817): 22-25. [ In the following excerpted review, the to describe and juliet unsigned reviewer describes Kubla Khan as below criticism. ] The fragment of Kubla Khan is declared to have been composed in Art Market, a dream, and is published as the author wrote it.

Allowing every possible accuracy to the statement of Mr. Coleridge, we would yet ask him whether this extraordinary fragment was not rather the effect of rapid and instant composition after he was awake, than of memory immediately recording that which he dreamt when asleep? By what process of. (The entire section is 329 words.) John Livingston Lowes (essay date 1927) SOURCE: Lowes, John Livingston. The Sleeping Images. In The Road to words in romeo Xanadu: A Study in the Ways of the Imagination, pp. 356-402. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1927.

[ In the following excerpt from his book-length study of Kubla Khan, Lowes accepts Coleridge's contention that the poem was the product of an unconscious vision, and effect did the napoleonic wars, explicates the work's dreamlike imagery using evidence of the poet's reading. To Describe Paris And Juliet? ] Coleridge's own account of the genesis of Kubla Khan is as follows. Socratic? It was first published in words, 1816, with the anesthetist poem. [Coleridge later dreamed another poemthis time a quatrain. For his account of it see the Notes. 1 ] (The entire section is 24432 words.) SOURCE: Bloom, Harold. Kubla Khan. In Coleridge: The Ancient Mariner and Other Poems, A Casebook, edited by Alun R. Jones and William Tydeman, pp.

217-20. London, England: Macmillan, 1973. [ In the following essay, originally published in 1961, Bloom views Kubla Khan as a work of to describe paris, romantic self-recognition, and of the Michel Foucault's Essay reconciliation of opposites within the poetic imagination. ] Kubla Khan is words in romeo and juliet a poem of self-recognition, in which the socratic method definition figure of the youth as virile poet is finally identified with the poem's speaker. Behind Coleridge's poem is Collins' masterpiece of a poet's incarnation, the Ode on to describe paris in romeo, the Poetical Character', and Michel Essay, the dark fates of. (The entire section is 1305 words.)

SOURCE: Gerber, Richard. Keys to Kubla Khan. English Studies 44, no. 5 (October 1963): 321-41. [ In the following essay, Gerber traces a fundamental dialectic principle in Kubla Khan, featured in paris in romeo, a coalescence of references to Kubla and the Roman mother-goddess Cybele, as well as in the structure of the poem itself. ] (The entire section is 9232 words.) SOURCE: Chayes, Irene H. Kubla Khan and the Creative Process. Studies in Romanticism 6, no. 1 (autumn 1966): 1-21. [ In the following essay, Chayes interprets Kubla Khan as one of Coleridge's most significant early statements on the process of poetic creation. ] In the evolution of Kubla Khan criticism over the past two generations, 1 the most noteworthy change has been the quiet downgrading of the famous prefatory note in prose which since 1816 has accompanied the standard published text and has enormously influenced the way the of tradition poem has been understood. Since the words paris and juliet discovery of the Michel Essay Crewe MS. and a much simpler, factual version of the. (The entire section is 9057 words.) SOURCE: Watson, George G. Kubla Khan. In Coleridge: The Ancient Mariner and Other Poems, A Casebook, edited by Alun R. Jones and William Tydeman, pp. 221-34. London: Macmillan, 1973.

[ In the following essay, originally published in 1966, Watson sees Kubla Khan as a poem about words in romeo and juliet poetry and a premonition of Coleridge's subsequent critical statements concerning the transformative qualities of the imagination and method definition, his definition of poetry as the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. ] Before he was twenty-six years old, and before the first edition of in romeo and juliet, Lyrical Ballads appeared, Coleridge had made himself a poet of many languages: an. (The entire section is 5036 words.) SOURCE: Burke, Kenneth. Kubla Khan: Proto-Surrealist Poem. In Modern Critical Views: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, edited by Harold Bloom, pp. Michel Essay? 33-52. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1986. [ In the to describe and juliet following essay, originally published in 1966, Burke analyzes Kubla Khan in socratic, the context of Coleridge's other mystery poemsincluding The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Christabelexplaining its linguistic references, mythic patterns of death and rebirth, and underlying unity. ] Let's begin at the heart of the matter, and take up the problems afterwards. Count me among those who would view this poem both as a marvel, and as in. (The entire section is 8842 words.)

Charles I. Patterson Jr. (essay date 1974) SOURCE: Patterson, Charles I., Jr. The Daemonic in Kubla Khan: Toward Interpretation. PMLA 89, no. 5 (October 1974): 1033-42. [ In the following essay, Patterson concentrates on words to describe paris in romeo and juliet, the daemonic element in Kubla Khan, linking the work with a Platonic view of the what wars on the community? inspired or possessed poet, which the critic contends is central to an interpretation of the paris poem. ] As is well known, there are strong differences of opinion concerning both what Coleridge's Kubla Khan expresses as a whole and the symbolic import of major elements within the poem. Perhaps no other poem of the time, not even Keats's Lamia, has evoked more widely diverging.

(The entire section is 8108 words.) Richard Hoffpauir (essay date 1976) SOURCE: Hoffpauir, Richard. Kubla Khan and the Critics: Romantic Madness as Poetic Theme and Critical Response. English Studies in Canada 2, no. 4 (winter 1976): 402-22. [ In the effect did the have on the european following essay, Hoffpauir surveys critical estimates of Kubla Khan since its first publication, arguing that the poem is imagistically incoherent, formally imprecise, and fails to live up to the designation of great poetry by which generations of scholars have regarded it. In Romeo? ] When the October 1974 issue of PMLA contained yet another article on Kubla Khan with the all too familiar subtitle, Toward Interpretation, I was reminded of and impressed by. (The entire section is 10039 words.) SOURCE: Beer, John. The Languages of Kubla Khan. In Coleridge's Imagination: Essays in Global, Memory of Peter Laver, edited by Richard Gravil, Lucy Newlyn, and Nicholas Roe, pp. 220-62.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985. [ In the following excerpt, Beer offers perspectives on Kubla Khan as a work about poetic genius. ] A close reading of Kubla Khan makes one aware of an irresolution in the imagery which stands in marked contrast to the homogeneity of the verse. Throughout the poem there runs a strong incantatory strain, within which we become aware of an ingenious poetic language. The feminine rhymes in the second, third and fourth stanzas. (The entire section is words paris 11687 words.) SOURCE: Frieden, Ken. Conversational Pretense in uk, Kubla Khan. In Modern Critical Views: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, edited by Harold Bloom, pp. 209-16. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1986. [ In the following essay, originally published in 1985, Frieden presents a rhetorical analysis of Kubla Khan as it both demonstrates and undercuts Coleridge's conversational poetic mode. ] Coleridge's conversation poems extend the conventions of dramatic soliloquy to an apparently autonomous lyrical form. Dramatic soliloquy and poetic monologue both generate illusions of individual speech, yet the difference in genre has decisive implications. In the paris in romeo dramatic.

(The entire section is 3289 words.) SOURCE: Ball, Stefan. Coleridge's Ancestral Voices. Contemporary Review 278, no. 1624 (May 2001): 298-300. [ In the following essay, Ball comments on the ensuing debate over the meaning of Kubla Khan, particularly as it reflects on the past, present, and future of literary scholarship and textual interpretation. ] We all know now that Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem Kubla Khan is a masterpiece. But how do we know this? And has it always been known? Kubla Khan was first published in 1816 in what effect did the have on the european community?, a booklet that also contained Christabel and The Pains of Sleep. Looking back at the first reviews, it is clear that the poem's.

(The entire section is to describe paris in romeo and juliet 1464 words.) Adair, Patricia A. Kubla Khan and the Underworld. In The Waking Dream: A Study of Coleridge's Poetry, pp. 108-43. London: Edward Arnold, 1967. Explicates the imagery of effect did the have, Kubla Khan with particular emphasis on references to the underworld of Greek mythology. Beer, J. B. The River and in romeo, the Caverns. In Coleridge the the invention of tradition Visionary, pp. 199-229. London: Chatto Windus, 1959. Provides an analysis of the symbolic imagery of Kubla Khan, in which the river and cavern images in the poem are viewed as representative of dialectic creativity in a fallen world and Kubla is seen as a. (The entire section is 675 words.)

Kubla Khan Homework Help Questions. The primary imagination is the spontaneous creation of new ideas; an immediate apprehension of objects in themselves and this kind of imagination precedes conscious thought. It is organic, but not. A simple answer to words to describe paris in romeo and juliet how it is definition a romantic poem is to state the poem is written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Paris? He, along with William Wordsworth, is one of the Global most famous Romantic authors. He and. Samuel Taylor Coleridges poem Kubla Khan uses a wide variety of literary devices, including alliteration, assonance, consonance, and onomatopoeia. Alliteration, or the repetition of words to describe in romeo, the. Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge is definition a poem in which the speaker has a vision primarily of a mystical place called Xanadu, the pleasure dome of the words in romeo ruthless warrior, Kubla Khan. Because the.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge's uses of diction and imagery transforms his poem Kubla Khan into an allegory for imagination. The first stanza introduces the setting of the poem and concept of the.

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alone essay As featured on National Public Radio, The New York Times, and in other major media, we offer this sold-out, much-discussed Journal of Democracy article by to describe paris and juliet Robert Putnam, Bowling Alone. The Journal of Michel Foucault's Democracy is at present scheduled to go online in full text in the third year of Project Muse (1997). You can also find information at DemocracyNet about the Journal of Democracy and its sponsor, the National Endowment for Democracy. Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital. Many students of the new democracies that have emerged over the past decade and a half have emphasized the importance of a strong and active civil society to the consolidation of democracy. Especially with regard to the postcommunist countries, scholars and democratic activists alike have lamented the absence or obliteration of words paris and juliet traditions of independent civic engagement and a widespread tendency toward passive reliance on the state. Foolhardy Definition. To those concerned with the weakness of civil societies in the developing or postcommunist world, the advanced Western democracies and above all the United States have typically been taken as models to be emulated. There is to describe, striking evidence, however, that the vibrancy of American civil society has notably declined over the past several decades. Ever since the publication of Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in Michel America , the United States has played a central role in systematic studies of the words paris in romeo links between democracy and civil society. Although this is in socratic method part because trends in American life are often regarded as harbingers of social modernization, it is also because America has traditionally been considered unusually civic (a reputation that, as we shall later see, has not been entirely unjustified). When Tocqueville visited the United States in the 1830s, it was the Americans' propensity for civic association that most impressed him as the key to to describe in romeo, their unprecedented ability to did the have on the, make democracy work.

Americans of all ages, all stations in life, and paris all types of disposition, [End Page 65] he observed, are forever forming associations. There are not only commercial and industrial associations in which all take part, but others of a thousand different types--religious, moral, serious, futile, very general and very limited, immensely large and very minute. . . . Nothing, in my view, deserves more attention than the Foucault's "Panopticism" intellectual and words paris in romeo and juliet moral associations in America. 1. Recently, American social scientists of a neo-Tocquevillean bent have unearthed a wide range of empirical evidence that the nurse uk quality of public life and the performance of social institutions (and not only in America) are indeed powerfully influenced by norms and networks of to describe paris civic engagement. Researchers in such fields as education, urban poverty, unemployment, the control of crime and drug abuse, and even health have discovered that successful outcomes are more likely in nurse anesthetist uk civically engaged communities. Similarly, research on the varying economic attainments of different ethnic groups in the United States has demonstrated the and juliet importance of social bonds within each group. These results are consistent with research in Essay a wide range of settings that demonstrates the words to describe and juliet vital importance of social networks for job placement and many other economic outcomes. Meanwhile, a seemingly unrelated body of research on the sociology of economic development has also focused attention on the role of social networks. Method. Some of this work is situated in words to describe paris in romeo and juliet the developing countries, and some of it elucidates the peculiarly successful network capitalism of East Asia. 2 Even in less exotic Western economies, however, researchers have discovered highly efficient, highly flexible industrial districts based on networks of socratic collaboration among workers and small entrepreneurs. Far from in romeo, being paleoindustrial anachronisms, these dense interpersonal and interorganizational networks undergird ultramodern industries, from the high tech of Silicon Valley to the invention, the high fashion of words in romeo Benetton.

The norms and of tradition networks of civic engagement also powerfully affect the performance of representative government. That, at least, was the central conclusion of my own 20-year, quasi-experimental study of subnational governments in different regions of Italy. 3 Although all these regional governments seemed identical on paper, their levels of effectiveness varied dramatically. Systematic inquiry showed that the quality of governance was determined by longstanding traditions of civic engagement (or its absence). Voter turnout, newspaper readership, membership in choral societies and football clubs--these were the words and juliet hallmarks of a successful region. Effect Napoleonic Wars On The Community?. In fact, historical analysis suggested that these networks of organized reciprocity and civic solidarity, far from being an epiphenomenon of socioeconomic modernization, were a precondition for it. No doubt the mechanisms through which civic engagement and social connectedness produce such results--better schools, faster economic [End Page 66] development, lower crime, and words paris more effective government--are multiple and complex.

While these briefly recounted findings require further confirmation and perhaps qualification, the parallels across hundreds of Art Market Essay empirical studies in a dozen disparate disciplines and subfields are striking. Social scientists in several fields have recently suggested a common framework for understanding these phenomena, a framework that rests on the concept of social capital . 4 By analogy with notions of paris physical capital and of tradition human capital--tools and training that enhance individual productivity--social capital refers to features of social organization such as networks, norms, and social trust that facilitate coordination and cooperation for mutual benefit. For a variety of reasons, life is easier in a community blessed with a substantial stock of social capital. In the first place, networks of civic engagement foster sturdy norms of to describe paris in romeo and juliet generalized reciprocity and encourage the emergence of social trust. Such networks facilitate coordination and communication, amplify reputations, and thus allow dilemmas of collective action to be resolved. When economic and political negotiation is embedded in dense networks of social interaction, incentives for opportunism are reduced. At the same time, networks of civic engagement embody past success at collaboration, which can serve as a cultural template for future collaboration. Finally, dense networks of interaction probably broaden the wars on the community? participants' sense of self, developing the I into the we, or (in the language of rational-choice theorists) enhancing the participants' taste for collective benefits.

I do not intend here to survey (much less contribute to) the words in romeo development of the theory of social capital. Instead, I use the central premise of that rapidly growing body of work--that social connections and Foucault's "Panopticism" Essay civic engagement pervasively influence our public life, as well as our private prospects--as the starting point for an empirical survey of trends in social capital in contemporary America. I concentrate here entirely on the American case, although the developments I portray may in some measure characterize many contemporary societies. Whatever Happened to Civic Engagement? We begin with familiar evidence on changing patterns of political participation, not least because it is immediately relevant to issues of democracy in the narrow sense.

Consider the well-known decline in turnout in national elections over the last three decades. From a relative high point in the early 1960s, voter turnout had by words 1990 declined by nearly a quarter; tens of millions of Americans had forsaken their parents' habitual readiness to engage in the simplest act of socratic method citizenship. Broadly similar trends also characterize participation in state and local elections. It is not just the voting booth that has been increasingly deserted by [End Page 67] Americans. Words To Describe Paris In Romeo And Juliet. A series of uk identical questions posed by the Roper Organization to national samples ten times each year over the last two decades reveals that since 1973 the number of words paris in romeo Americans who report that in the past year they have attended a public meeting on town or school affairs has fallen by more than a third (from 22 percent in Global 1973 to to describe paris, 13 percent in anesthetist 1993).

Similar (or even greater) relative declines are evident in responses to questions about words in romeo and juliet, attending a political rally or speech, serving on a committee of some local organization, and working for a political party. By almost every measure, Americans' direct engagement in politics and government has fallen steadily and sharply over definition the last generation, despite the to describe paris and juliet fact that average levels of education--the best individual-level predictor of political participation--have risen sharply throughout this period. Every year over the last decade or two, millions more have withdrawn from the affairs of their communities. Not coincidentally, Americans have also disengaged psychologically from politics and "Panopticism" government over this era. The proportion of Americans who reply that they trust the government in words to describe Washington only some of the time or almost never has risen steadily from 30 percent in Foucault's 1966 to 75 percent in 1992. These trends are well known, of course, and paris in romeo taken by themselves would seem amenable to a strictly political explanation. Perhaps the long litany of political tragedies and the invention scandals since the 1960s (assassinations, Vietnam, Watergate, Irangate, and so on) has triggered an understandable disgust for to describe in romeo and juliet politics and Art Market government among Americans, and that in words paris and juliet turn has motivated their withdrawal. I do not doubt that this common interpretation has some merit, but its limitations become plain when we examine trends in what effect did the on the european community? civic engagement of a wider sort.

Our survey of organizational membership among Americans can usefully begin with a glance at the aggregate results of the General Social Survey, a scientifically conducted, national-sample survey that has been repeated 14 times over the last two decades. Church-related groups constitute the most common type of organization joined by Americans; they are especially popular with women. Other types of organizations frequently joined by to describe in romeo women include school-service groups (mostly parent-teacher associations), sports groups, professional societies, and literary societies. Michel Foucault's Essay. Among men, sports clubs, labor unions, professional societies, fraternal groups, veterans' groups, and service clubs are all relatively popular. Religious affiliation is by far the most common associational [End Page 68] membership among Americans. Indeed, by words to describe paris many measures America continues to be (even more than in Tocqueville's time) an astonishingly churched society. For example, the United States has more houses of worship per capita than any other nation on Earth. Yet religious sentiment in America seems to Essay, be becoming somewhat less tied to to describe and juliet, institutions and socratic definition more self-defined. How have these complex crosscurrents played out over the last three or four decades in terms of Americans' engagement with organized religion? The general pattern is clear: The 1960s witnessed a significant drop in reported weekly churchgoing--from roughly 48 percent in the late 1950s to roughly 41 percent in to describe in romeo and juliet the early 1970s.

Since then, it has stagnated or (according to some surveys) declined still further. Meanwhile, data from the General Social Survey show a modest decline in membership in all church-related groups over the last 20 years. It would seem, then, that net participation by what effect wars on the european Americans, both in religious services and in church-related groups, has declined modestly (by perhaps a sixth) since the 1960s. Words To Describe In Romeo. For many years, labor unions provided one of the most common organizational affiliations among American workers. Yet union membership has been falling for nearly four decades, with the steepest decline occurring between 1975 and Global Essay 1985. Since the mid-1950s, when union membership peaked, the unionized portion of the nonagricultural work force in America has dropped by more than half, falling from 32.5 percent in 1953 to 15.8 percent in 1992. By now, virtually all of the explosive growth in words paris and juliet union membership that was associated with the New Deal has been erased. The solidarity of union halls is now mostly a fading memory of Global Essay aging men.

5. The parent-teacher association (PTA) has been an especially important form of words paris in romeo civic engagement in twentieth-century America because parental involvement in the educational process represents a particularly productive form of social capital. It is, therefore, dismaying to discover that participation in parent-teacher organizations has dropped drastically over the last generation, from more than 12 million in 1964 to barely 5 million in 1982 before recovering to approximately 7 million now. Next, we turn to evidence on membership in what napoleonic wars european (and volunteering for) civic and fraternal organizations. These data show some striking patterns. First, membership in traditional women's groups has declined more or less steadily since the mid-1960s. For example, membership in the national Federation of Women's Clubs is down by more than half (59 percent) since 1964, while membership in the League of Women Voters (LWV) is off 42 percent since 1969. Words Paris In Romeo. 6. Similar reductions are apparent in definition the numbers of volunteers for mainline civic organizations, such as the Boy Scouts (off by 26 percent since 1970) and to describe paris and juliet the Red Cross (off by 61 percent since 1970). But what about the possibility that volunteers have simply switched their loyalties [End Page 69] to other organizations?

Evidence on regular (as opposed to occasional or drop-by) volunteering is available from the Labor Department's Current Population Surveys of 1974 and 1989. These estimates suggest that serious volunteering declined by roughly one-sixth over these 15 years, from 24 percent of adults in 1974 to 20 percent in 1989. Effect Did The Napoleonic Wars On The European. The multitudes of Red Cross aides and Boy Scout troop leaders now missing in action have apparently not been offset by equal numbers of new recruits elsewhere. Fraternal organizations have also witnessed a substantial drop in membership during the 1980s and 1990s. Membership is down significantly in paris and juliet such groups as the Lions (off 12 percent since 1983), the Elks (off 18 percent since 1979), the Shriners (off 27 percent since 1979), the Jaycees (off 44 percent since 1979), and wars have on the european the Masons (down 39 percent since 1959).

In sum, after expanding steadily throughout most of this century, many major civic organizations have experienced a sudden, substantial, and nearly simultaneous decline in membership over the last decade or two. The most whimsical yet discomfiting bit of words paris in romeo and juliet evidence of social disengagement in the invention of tradition contemporary America that I have discovered is words to describe paris and juliet, this: more Americans are bowling today than ever before, but bowling in organized leagues has plummeted in definition the last decade or so. Between 1980 and 1993 the total number of bowlers in America increased by 10 percent, while league bowling decreased by words in romeo 40 percent. (Lest this be thought a wholly trivial example, I should note that nearly 80 million Americans went bowling at least once during 1993, nearly a third more than voted in the 1994 congressional elections and the invention of tradition roughly the same number as claim to attend church regularly. Even after the to describe paris 1980s' plunge in league bowling, nearly 3 percent of American adults regularly bowl in leagues.) The rise of Foucault's Essay solo bowling threatens the livelihood of bowling-lane proprietors because those who bowl as members of words and juliet leagues consume three times as much beer and pizza as solo bowlers, and Global Art Market the money in bowling is in the beer and pizza, not the balls and shoes. The broader social significance, however, lies in the social interaction and even occasionally civic conversations over beer and pizza that solo bowlers forgo. Words. Whether or not bowling beats balloting in the eyes of most Americans, bowling teams illustrate yet another vanishing form of social capital. At this point, however, we must confront a serious counterargument.

Perhaps the traditional forms of civic organization whose decay we have been tracing have been replaced by vibrant new organizations. For example, national environmental organizations (like the Sierra Club) and feminist groups (like the National Organization for Women) grew rapidly [End Page 70] during the 1970s and 1980s and now count hundreds of thousands of dues-paying members. An even more dramatic example is the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), which grew exponentially from 400,000 card-carrying members in 1960 to definition, 33 million in 1993, becoming (after the Catholic Church) the largest private organization in the world. The national administrators of these organizations are among the paris in romeo and juliet most feared lobbyists in Washington, in large part because of their massive mailing lists of presumably loyal members. These new mass-membership organizations are plainly of great political importance. Michel "Panopticism" Essay. From the point of view of social connectedness, however, they are sufficiently different from classic secondary associations that we need to invent a new label--perhaps tertiary associations. For the vast majority of their members, the words to describe paris in romeo and juliet only act of membership consists in writing a check for dues or perhaps occasionally reading a newsletter. Few ever attend any meetings of such organizations, and most are unlikely ever (knowingly) to encounter any other member.

The bond between any two members of the Sierra Club is foolhardy definition, less like the bond between any two members of a gardening club and more like the bond between any two Red Sox fans (or perhaps any two devoted Honda owners): they root for words in romeo the same team and they share some of the same interests, but they are unaware of each other's existence. Their ties, in short, are to common symbols, common leaders, and Global Art Market perhaps common ideals, but not to one another. The theory of social capital argues that associational membership should, for example, increase social trust, but this prediction is much less straightforward with regard to membership in tertiary associations. From the point of view of social connectedness, the Environmental Defense Fund and paris a bowling league are just not in the same category. Global. If the growth of to describe tertiary organizations represents one potential (but probably not real) counterexample to nurse anesthetist, my thesis, a second countertrend is represented by to describe paris in romeo and juliet the growing prominence of nonprofit organizations, especially nonprofit service agencies. This so-called third sector includes everything from Oxfam and the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Ford Foundation and the Mayo Clinic. In other words, although most secondary associations are nonprofits, most nonprofit agencies are not secondary associations. To identify trends in the size of the effect did the napoleonic wars have on the european nonprofit sector with trends in social connectedness would be another fundamental conceptual mistake. 7. A third potential countertrend is much more relevant to an assessment of words to describe paris and juliet social capital and civic engagement. Some able researchers have argued that the last few decades have witnessed a rapid expansion in support groups of what did the napoleonic european community? various sorts.

Robert Wuthnow reports that fully 40 percent of all Americans claim to be currently involved in [a] small group that meets regularly and provides support or caring for those who participate in it. 8 Many of these groups are religiously affiliated, but [End Page 71] many others are not. For example, nearly 5 percent of Wuthnow's national sample claim to participate regularly in to describe in romeo and juliet a self-help group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and nearly as many say they belong to book-discussion groups and hobby clubs. The groups described by Wuthnow's respondents unquestionably represent an important form of social capital, and the invention of tradition they need to be accounted for in any serious reckoning of trends in social connectedness. On the other hand, they do not typically play the same role as traditional civic associations. As Wuthnow emphasizes, Small groups may not be fostering community as effectively as many of their proponents would like. Some small groups merely provide occasions for individuals to focus on themselves in the presence of others. The social contract binding members together asserts only the weakest of obligations.

Come if you have time. Talk if you feel like it. Respect everyone's opinion. Never criticize. Leave quietly if you become dissatisfied. To Describe Paris. . . . We can imagine that [these small groups] really substitute for the invention families, neighborhoods, and to describe in romeo broader community attachments that may demand lifelong commitments, when, in fact, they do not.

9. Foolhardy. All three of these potential countertrends--tertiary organizations, nonprofit organizations, and support groups--need somehow to be weighed against the erosion of conventional civic organizations. One way of to describe and juliet doing so is to consult the General Social Survey. Within all educational categories, total associational membership declined significantly between 1967 and 1993. Among the college-educated, the Foucault's "Panopticism" Essay average number of group memberships per person fell from words to describe paris in romeo and juliet, 2.8 to 2.0 (a 26-percent decline); among high-school graduates, the number fell from 1.8 to Global Art Market Essay, 1.2 (32 percent); and among those with fewer than 12 years of education, the number fell from 1.4 to 1.1 (25 percent). Words. In other words, at all educational (and hence social) levels of American society, and counting all sorts of the invention of tradition group memberships, the average number of associational memberships has fallen by about a fourth over the last quarter-century. Words In Romeo And Juliet. Without controls for the invention of tradition educational levels, the trend is not nearly so clear, but the central point is this: more Americans than ever before are in and juliet social circumstances that foster associational involvement (higher education, middle age, and so on), but nevertheless aggregate associational membership appears to be stagnant or declining . Global Art Market. Broken down by type of words in romeo group, the downward trend is most marked for church-related groups, for labor unions, for fraternal and veterans' organizations, and for school-service groups. Conversely, membership in nurse anesthetist uk professional associations has risen over these years, although less than might have been predicted, given sharply rising educational and occupational levels.

Essentially the same trends are evident for both men and women in the sample. To Describe. In short, the available survey evidence [End Page 72] confirms our earlier conclusion: American social capital in the form of civic associations has significantly eroded over the last generation. Good Neighborliness and Social Trust. I noted earlier that most readily available quantitative evidence on trends in social connectedness involves formal settings, such as the voting booth, the union hall, or the PTA. One glaring exception is so widely discussed as to require little comment here: the most fundamental form of social capital is the family, and the massive evidence of the Global Art Market loosening of bonds within the family (both extended and nuclear) is well known. This trend, of course, is quite consistent with--and may help to explain--our theme of social decapitalization. A second aspect of informal social capital on which we happen to have reasonably reliable time-series data involves neighborliness.

In each General Social Survey since 1974 respondents have been asked, How often do you spend a social evening with a neighbor? The proportion of Americans who socialize with their neighbors more than once a year has slowly but steadily declined over and juliet the last two decades, from nurse anesthetist, 72 percent in 1974 to 61 percent in 1993. Words. (On the other hand, socializing with friends who do not live in your neighborhood appears to be on the increase, a trend that may reflect the growth of nurse anesthetist workplace-based social connections.) Americans are also less trusting. The proportion of Americans saying that most people can be trusted fell by more than a third between 1960, when 58 percent chose that alternative, and 1993, when only 37 percent did. The same trend is in romeo and juliet, apparent in all educational groups; indeed, because social trust is the invention of tradition, also correlated with education and because educational levels have risen sharply, the overall decrease in paris social trust is even more apparent if we control for education. Method Definition. Our discussion of trends in words to describe paris in romeo and juliet social connectedness and Foucault's Essay civic engagement has tacitly assumed that all the to describe paris in romeo and juliet forms of social capital that we have discussed are themselves coherently correlated across individuals. Socratic Definition. This is in fact true. Words To Describe Paris In Romeo And Juliet. Members of associations are much more likely than nonmembers to participate in politics, to spend time with neighbors, to express social trust, and so on. The close correlation between social trust and associational membership is the invention, true not only across time and across individuals, but also across countries. Evidence from the 1991 World Values Survey demonstrates the following: 10 Across the 35 countries in this survey, social trust and words to describe paris in romeo and juliet civic engagement are strongly correlated; the greater the density of associational membership in a society, the more trusting its citizens. Trust and engagement are two facets of the same underlying factor--social capital. [End Page 73] America still ranks relatively high by cross-national standards on both these dimensions of social capital.

Even in the 1990s, after several decades' erosion, Americans are more trusting and more engaged than people in most other countries of the world. The trends of the past quarter-century, however, have apparently moved the United States significantly lower in Michel Foucault's the international rankings of social capital. The recent deterioration in American social capital has been sufficiently great that (if no other country changed its position in words to describe the meantime) another quarter-century of change at definition, the same rate would bring the United States, roughly speaking, to the midpoint among all these countries, roughly equivalent to South Korea, Belgium, or Estonia today. Two generations' decline at the same rate would leave the words to describe paris in romeo United States at the level of today's Chile, Portugal, and socratic method definition Slovenia. As we have seen, something has happened in America in the last two or three decades to diminish civic engagement and social connectedness. What could that something be? Here are several possible explanations, along with some initial evidence on each. Words In Romeo And Juliet. The movement of women into the labor force . Nurse Anesthetist. Over these same two or three decades, many millions of American women have moved out of the home into paid employment.

This is the primary, though not the sole, reason why the weekly working hours of the average American have increased significantly during these years. It seems highly plausible that this social revolution should have reduced the time and energy available for building social capital. For certain organizations, such as the PTA, the League of Women Voters, the Federation of Women's Clubs, and in romeo the Red Cross, this is almost certainly an important part of the story. The sharpest decline in women's civic participation seems to have come in definition the 1970s; membership in such women's organizations as these has been virtually halved since the late 1960s. By contrast, most of the decline in participation in men's organizations occurred about paris in romeo, ten years later; the total decline to date has been approximately 25 percent for the typical organization. On the other hand, the survey data imply that the aggregate declines for men are virtually as great as those for women. It is the invention, logically possible, of course, that the male declines might represent the knock-on effect of women's liberation, as dishwashing crowded out the lodge, but time-budget studies suggest that most husbands of working wives have assumed only a minor part of the housework.

In short, something besides the women's revolution seems to lie behind the words paris in romeo erosion of social capital. Mobility: The re-potting hypothesis . Numerous studies of organizational involvement have shown that residential stability and the invention of tradition such related phenomena as homeownership are clearly associated with greater [End Page 74] civic engagement. Mobility, like frequent re-potting of plants, tends to disrupt root systems, and it takes time for an uprooted individual to put down new roots. To Describe In Romeo And Juliet. It seems plausible that the automobile, suburbanization, and anesthetist uk the movement to the Sun Belt have reduced the social rootedness of the average American, but one fundamental difficulty with this hypothesis is apparent: the best evidence shows that residential stability and homeownership in America have risen modestly since 1965, and are surely higher now than during the 1950s, when civic engagement and social connectedness by words and juliet our measures was definitely higher. Other demographic transformations . A range of additional changes have transformed the American family since the 1960s--fewer marriages, more divorces, fewer children, lower real wages, and napoleonic have on the european community? so on. Each of these changes might account for some of the slackening of civic engagement, since married, middle-class parents are generally more socially involved than other people. Moreover, the changes in scale that have swept over the American economy in these years--illustrated by the replacement of the corner grocery by the supermarket and now perhaps of the supermarket by electronic shopping at home, or the replacement of community-based enterprises by outposts of distant multinational firms--may perhaps have undermined the material and even physical basis for civic engagement. The technological transformation of leisure . There is words and juliet, reason to believe that deep-seated technological trends are radically privatizing or individualizing our use of leisure time and thus disrupting many opportunities for social-capital formation.

The most obvious and probably the most powerful instrument of this revolution is television. Time-budget studies in the 1960s showed that the nurse growth in time spent watching television dwarfed all other changes in the way Americans passed their days and nights. Television has made our communities (or, rather, what we experience as our communities) wider and shallower. In the words paris in romeo and juliet language of economics, electronic technology enables individual tastes to be satisfied more fully, but at the cost of the positive social externalities associated with more primitive forms of entertainment. The same logic applies to anesthetist uk, the replacement of vaudeville by words to describe paris the movies and now of movies by the VCR. The new virtual reality helmets that we will soon don to be entertained in total isolation are merely the latest extension of this trend. Is technology thus driving a wedge between our individual interests and our collective interests?

It is a question that seems worth exploring more systematically. The last refuge of a social-scientific scoundrel is to call for more research. Nevertheless, I cannot forbear from Art Market Essay, suggesting some further lines of to describe and juliet inquiry. [End Page 75] We must sort out the dimensions of social capital, which clearly is not a unidimensional concept, despite language (even in this essay) that implies the contrary. What types of organizations and networks most effectively embody--or generate--social capital, in the sense of mutual reciprocity, the resolution of dilemmas of collective action, and the broadening of social identities? In this essay I have emphasized the density of associational life. In earlier work I stressed the structure of networks, arguing that horizontal ties represented more productive social capital than vertical ties. 11. Foolhardy Definition. Another set of to describe and juliet important issues involves macrosociological crosscurrents that might intersect with the trends described here.

What will be the impact, for example, of electronic networks on social capital? My hunch is that meeting in an electronic forum is not the equivalent of meeting in a bowling alley--or even in of tradition a saloon--but hard empirical research is needed. What about the development of words paris in romeo and juliet social capital in nurse anesthetist the workplace? Is it growing in words paris in romeo counterpoint to the decline of civic engagement, reflecting some social analogue of the first law of thermodynamics--social capital is neither created nor destroyed, merely redistributed? Or do the trends described in this essay represent a deadweight loss? A rounded assessment of changes in American social capital over the last quarter-century needs to count the costs as well as the benefits of community engagement. The Invention. We must not romanticize small-town, middle-class civic life in the America of the words paris and juliet 1950s. In addition to the deleterious trends emphasized in this essay, recent decades have witnessed a substantial decline in intolerance and probably also in overt discrimination, and those beneficent trends may be related in complex ways to the erosion of traditional social capital.

Moreover, a balanced accounting of the social-capital books would need to uk, reconcile the insights of this approach with the undoubted insights offered by Mancur Olson and others who stress that closely knit social, economic, and political organizations are prone to inefficient cartelization and to what political economists term rent seeking and ordinary men and paris women call corruption. 12. Finally, and perhaps most urgently, we need to socratic method definition, explore creatively how public policy impinges on (or might impinge on) social-capital formation. In some well-known instances, public policy has destroyed highly effective social networks and norms. American slum-clearance policy of the 1950s and 1960s, for example, renovated physical capital, [End Page 76] but at a very high cost to words to describe paris in romeo and juliet, existing social capital. The consolidation of country post offices and small school districts has promised administrative and financial efficiencies, but full-cost accounting for the effects of these policies on definition, social capital might produce a more negative verdict.

On the other hand, such past initiatives as the county agricultural-agent system, community colleges, and paris and juliet tax deductions for charitable contributions illustrate that government can encourage social-capital formation. Even a recent proposal in San Luis Obispo, California, to require that all new houses have front porches illustrates the power of government to influence where and how networks are formed. The concept of nurse anesthetist civil society has played a central role in the recent global debate about the preconditions for democracy and democratization. Words Paris In Romeo. In the newer democracies this phrase has properly focused attention on the need to foster a vibrant civic life in soils traditionally inhospitable to self-government. In the established democracies, ironically, growing numbers of citizens are questioning the Global Art Market Essay effectiveness of their public institutions at the very moment when liberal democracy has swept the battlefield, both ideologically and geopolitically. Words In Romeo. In America, at least, there is reason to suspect that this democratic disarray may be linked to the invention of tradition, a broad and continuing erosion of civic engagement that began a quarter-century ago. High on our scholarly agenda should be the question of whether a comparable erosion of paris social capital may be under way in other advanced democracies, perhaps in different institutional and behavioral guises. High on definition, America's agenda should be the question of how to to describe paris in romeo and juliet, reverse these adverse trends in social connectedness, thus restoring civic engagement and civic trust. Robert D. Putnam is Dillon Professor of International Affairs and director of the Center for International Affairs at Essay, Harvard University. His most recent books are Double-Edged Diplomacy: International Bargaining and Domestic Politics (1993) and Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy (1993), which is to describe in romeo, reviewed elsewhere in this issue. He is now completing a study of the revitalization of American democracy.

Commentary and writings on related topics: Nicholas Lemann, Kicking in Groups, The Atlantic Monthly (April 1996). Mary Ann Zehr, Getting Involved in effect wars on the european Civic Life, Foundation News and Commentary (May/June 1996). The Foundation News and words paris and juliet Commentary is a publication of The Council on effect on the european, Foundations. 1. Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America , ed. J.P. Maier, trans. George Lawrence (Garden City, N.Y.: Anchor Books, 1969), 513-17.

2. Words To Describe Paris And Juliet. On social networks and economic growth in definition the developing world, see Milton J. Esman and Norman Uphoff, Local Organizations: Intermediaries in Rural Development (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1984), esp. 15-42 and words to describe paris in romeo and juliet 99-180; and what effect did the european community? Albert O. Hirschman, Getting Ahead Collectively: Grassroots Experiences in Latin America (Elmsford, N.Y.: Pergamon Press, 1984), esp. 42-77. On East Asia, see Gustav Papanek, The New Asian Capitalism: An Economic Portrait, in Peter L. Berger and Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, eds., In Search of an to describe paris in romeo and juliet East Asian Development Model (New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction, 1987), 27-80; Peter B. Evans, The State as Problem and Solution: Predation, Embedded Autonomy and Structural Change, in Stephan Haggard and Robert R. Kaufman, eds., The Politics of Economic Adjustment (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992), 139-81; and Gary G. What Did The Napoleonic Wars Have. Hamilton, William Zeile, and Wan-Jin Kim, Network Structure of East Asian Economies, in and juliet Stewart R. Clegg and S. Gordon Redding, eds., Capitalism in Contrasting Cultures (Hawthorne, N.Y.: De Gruyter, 1990), 105-29. See also Gary G. Hamilton and Nicole Woolsey Biggart, Market, Culture, and Global Essay Authority: A Comparative Analysis of Management and Organization in the Far East, American Journal of Sociology (Supplement) 94 (1988): S52-S94; and Susan Greenhalgh, Families and Networks in Taiwan's Economic Development, in Edwin Winckler and Susan Greenhalgh, eds., Contending Approaches to the Political Economy of to describe paris in romeo Taiwan (Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, 1987), 224-45. 3. Robert D. Foolhardy Definition. Putnam, Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1993). Paris And Juliet. 4. James S. Coleman deserves primary credit for Global Essay developing the social capital theoretical framework.

See his Social Capital in the Creation of Human Capital, American Journal of Sociology (Supplement) 94 (1988): S95-S120, as well as his The Foundations of Social Theory (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1990), 300-21. See also Mark Granovetter, Economic Action and Social Structure: The Problem of to describe paris and juliet Embeddedness, American Journal of Sociology 91 (1985): 481-510; Glenn C. Loury, Why Should We Care About Group Inequality? Social Philosophy and Policy 5 (1987): 249-71; and Robert D. Putnam, The Prosperous Community: Social Capital and Public Life, American Prospect 13 (1993): 35-42. To my knowledge, the first scholar to socratic method, use the term social capital in its current sense was Jane Jacobs, in The Death and Life of Great American Cities (New York: Random House, 1961), 138. Paris In Romeo And Juliet. 5. Nurse Anesthetist. Any simplistically political interpretation of the paris in romeo collapse of American unionism would need to confront the fact that the steepest decline began more than six years before the Reagan administration's attack on Michel Foucault's, PATCO. Data from the General Social Survey show a roughly 40-percent decline in reported union membership between 1975 and 1991. 6. Data for the LWV are available over a longer time span and show an interesting pattern: a sharp slump during the Depression, a strong and paris in romeo sustained rise after World War II that more than tripled membership between 1945 and definition 1969, and to describe in romeo and juliet then the post-1969 decline, which has already erased virtually all the postwar gains and Global continues still. This same historical pattern applies to those men's fraternal organizations for which comparable data are available--steady increases for the first seven decades of the century, interrupted only by the Great Depression, followed by a collapse in the 1970s and words paris and juliet 1980s that has already wiped out most of the postwar expansion and Michel Foucault's "Panopticism" Essay continues apace. 7. Cf. Lester M. Salamon, The Rise of the Nonprofit Sector, Foreign Affairs 73 (July-August 1994): 109-22. See also Salamon, Partners in Public Service: The Scope and Theory of Government-Nonprofit Relations, in to describe paris Walter W. Powell, ed., The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987), 99-117.

Salamon's empirical evidence does not sustain his broad claims about a global associational revolution comparable in significance to the rise of the nation-state several centuries ago. 8. Robert Wuthnow, Sharing the Journey: Support Groups and America's New Quest for Community (New York: The Free Press, 1994), 45. 10. I am grateful to Ronald Inglehart, who directs this unique cross-national project, for sharing these highly useful data with me. See his The Impact of the invention Culture on Economic Development: Theory, Hypotheses, and Some Empirical Tests (unpublished manuscript, University of words Michigan, 1994). 11. See my Making Democracy Work , esp. ch.

6. 12. See Mancur Olson, The Rise and Decline of Nations: Economic Growth, Stagflation, and napoleonic have european community? Social Rigidities (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1982), 2.

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essay on soul music So Just What is words in romeo, SOUL Music Anyway. . Click on Essay any of the words in romeo and juliet, Soul music regions to the invention, learn more..about the music/culture of SOUL. RIP - Pate Seeger (from Martha Redbone) However she has always totally fascinated me. Someone should do a movie about paris, her.

IMHO her story is an on the european community?, important component in words to describe and juliet, understanding the definition, reality of Motown and to describe paris and juliet hence that story of Black music in definition, Amerika. Taken from Wikipedia. Anna Ruby Gordy was born in Milledgeville, Georgia, located in Baldwin County, Georgia, the words in romeo, third-eldest of nurse anesthetist uk, eight children of Berry Gordy Sr. (Berry Gordy II) and Bertha Ida (ne Fuller) Gordy. Words Paris In Romeo And Juliet? Shortly after her birth, Gordy's father moved up to Detroit from Georgia to seek a better life for his family and to escape any hint of racial tension due to method, a business deal, later sending for his family after settling down. Words To Describe Paris And Juliet? Gordy, like most of anesthetist, her family, became a successful businesswoman, starting out words paris and juliet as a co-operator of the photo concession at Detroit's Flame Show Bar in the early fifties with sister Gwen, later starting her own namesake label, Anna Records with Gwen and Billy Davis in 1958, a year before her brother Berry launched Tamla Records, later to be a subsidiary for Global Art Market Motown. Gordy met Marvin Gaye around 1960. Although seventeen years her junior, Gaye pursued Gordy for months before the two eventually started dating around 1961. Words Paris In Romeo? After a two-year courtship, they married around June 1963. According to Marvin, it was Anna who convinced Motown to method, allow Marvin to work on paris in romeo and juliet a standards album (The Soulful Moods of what effect napoleonic wars have, Marvin Gaye).

Gordy, herself a songwriter, helped to pen the song, Never Let You Go (Sha-Lu-Bop), from the album. To Describe And Juliet? Inspired by their romance, Gaye penned hit singles based off Anna including Stubborn Kind of Fellow, Pride Joy and You're a Wonderful One. Definition? Of Pride and Joy, Gaye said, When I composed 'Pride and words in romeo and juliet Joy', I was head over heels in socratic method, love with Anna. I just wrote what I felt about her, and words to describe paris in romeo and juliet what she did for me. She was my pride and joy. A great Funk artist! RIP. The Mighty Hannibal, Funk-Soul Iconoclast, Dead at what effect did the, 74. Don't delay purchasing this album! It is words to describe paris in romeo and juliet, not surprisingly a winner. It has a little something for napoleonic wars european community? everyone.

Four out of words paris in romeo and juliet, five stars is an appropriate rating. Definition? Emerging from it are sounds of newness, very much unlike what we would have expected from Bobby Womack 20 years ago. Bobby demonstrates his strengths and experience through his raspy and words to describe paris in romeo and juliet soulful strands on each of the eleven tracks. The significance of the socratic method definition, songs on the album lie within the in romeo, deliverance of the effect wars have, agony and words to describe paris defeat, despair and Essay pain that he's experienced as you hear him deliver each flawless note. Remerging as a refined and pristine artist at words and juliet, time when most well known RB artist are not visible, Bobby effortlessly delivers across genres and attracts the ear of several diverse age and musical listening groups. This is most definitely a crossover album. The Invention? It places Bobby in many genres. 2. Please Forgive My Heart. 4. In Romeo? Dayglo Reflection. 5. Sweet Baby Mine.

7. If There Wasn't Something There. 8. Love Is Gonna Lift You Up. 9. Nothin' Can Save Ya. 10. What Effect Did The Have On The European Community?? Jubilee (Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around) Andrea S. Wooten.

Of course this should come as no surprise, because this was indeed the culture that had produced Whitney Houston. Concert Review: Loves Magic Phillies Intruders @ Exton PA (Tribute Groups) Rant (FREEDOM AINT FREE) + NEW BLACK MUSIC RECCOMENDATIONS for to describe Black History Month (pt 2) SIMPLY HIT THE DELETE KEY RIGHT NOW. CUZ YOU AREN'T GOING TO LIKE WHAT FOLLOWS. ( which earned them a 2011 Best of socratic definition, Live Performance Award as well as an appearance at the 2011 Soul-Patrol Convention, where some of you also saw/heard them perform live. Somehow they managed to turn in an even better performance last night. ( They turned in an absolutely horrible performance (to tracks) that night. Last night in Exton, PA they were absolutely fabulous. Mrs. Earthjuice and I wondered how this could possibly be the same group that stunk up the joint in Baltimore a few years ago? Turned out paris in romeo and juliet that the group we had seen in nurse anesthetist uk, Baltimore, not only paris and juliet performed to tracks, but also were without the services of their lead singer Tony Strong, so of course they hardly sounded like the Intruders.

Last night they redeemed themselves! THE MUSIC WAS OFF THE HOOK. But. we also realize that a little thing called TIME, is Essay, NOT on words to describe the side of the original artists. RIP - Johnny Otis, Etta James, Jimmy Castor, Bobby Purify, John Levy. Etta James, is terminally ill. Many times I have been asked the question; Who do you think is the invention, better, Aretha Franklin or Gladys Knight? My answer to that question has always been: 2. I don't collect music, so I have no idea what to tell you that you should collect. Etta James (I Don't Need Nobody To Tell Me) How To Treat My Baby. Etta James A Sunday Kind of Love.

Etta James All I Could Do Is Cry. Etta James All the Way Down. Etta James Almost Persuaded. Etta James At Last. Etta James At Last (Live) Etta James Baby What You Want Me To Do (Live)

Etta James Born On The Bayou. Etta James Born Under a Bad Sign. Etta James Cheatin' in the Next Room. Etta James Come Back Baby. Etta James Damn Your Eyes. Etta James Do Right Woman, Do Right Man. Etta James Don't Cry Baby. Etta James Don't Get Around Much Anymore. Etta James Don't Let My Baby Ride. Etta James Don't Lose Your Good Thing.

Etta James Fire. Etta James Good Rockin' Daddy. Etta James Gotta Serve Somebody. Etta James Hawg For Ya. Etta James Here I Am (Come and Take Me) Etta James Hoochie Coochie Gal. Etta James Hound Dog. Etta James I Don't Want It. Etta James I Got You Babe.

Etta James I Just Want to Make Love To You. Etta James I Want to Be Loved (But Only By You) Etta James I Want to Ta-Ta You Baby. Etta James I Worship The Ground You Walk On. Etta James I'd Rather Go Blind. Etta James If I Can't Have You. Etta James If You Want Me to Stay. Etta James I'll Take Care of You. Etta James I'm Gonna Take What He's Got. Etta James Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

Etta James It Hurts Me So Much. Etta James I've Been Loving You Too Long. Etta James I've Gone Too Far. Etta James Just A Little Bit. Etta James Let's Straighten It Out. Etta James Life, Love the Blues.

Etta James Lover Man (Oh, Where Can He Be?) Etta James Miss You. Etta James Misty. Etta James My Dearest Darling. Etta James My Mother in Law. Etta James Prisoner of Love. Etta James Pushover.

Etta James Rhymes. Etta James Running Out of Lies. Etta James Security. Etta James Slow and Easy. Etta James Something's Got a Hold On Me. Etta James Sookie Sookie. Etta James Spoonful. Etta James Steal Away. Etta James Stop The Wedding.

Etta James Stormy Weather. Etta James Take It To The Limit. Etta James Tell Mama. Etta James The Love Of My Man. Etta James The Love You Save (May Be Your Own) Etta James The Man I Love. Etta James The Same Rope.

Etta James The Sky Is Crying. Etta James The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry) Etta James Trust In Me. Etta James Try A Little Tenderness. Etta James Walking The Back Streets. Etta James Watch Dog. Etta James Whatever Gets You Through The Night. Etta James W-O-M-A-N. Etta James You Got It.

Etta James You Took It. Etta James You're Gonna Make Me C. RIP - Vesta, Sylvia Robinson and now Marv Tarplin! Wow! RIP - Smokin Joe Frazier Heavy D (Death Taxes) an yo name in in romeo, the undertaka's book. I dug his music. Heavy D the uk, Boyz - Mr. Words To Describe In Romeo? Big Stuff. Heavy D the Boyz - Don't you Know. Heavy D the Boyz - We Got Our Own Thang.

Heavy D the Boyz - Somebody For Me. Heavy D the Boyz - Truthful (Untouchable Mix) Heavy D the Boyz - Gyrlz, They Love Me. Heavy D the Boyz - Who's the method definition, Man? [Jeep Bass] Heavy D the words in romeo and juliet, Boyz - Is it Good to you. Heavy D the Boyz - You Can't See What I Can See. Heavy D the Boyz - Got Me Waiting.

Heavy D the Boyz - Now That We Found Love. Heavy D the what effect napoleonic have community?, Boyz - Nuttin' But Love. Heavy D the Boyz - Black Coffee. Heavy D the words in romeo and juliet, Boyz - Big Daddy. Heavy D the method, Boyz - On Point. Heavy D the Boyz - Just Coolin' (With Levert) Event Review: Gamble and Huff 40th Anniversary @ The Dell East. As alluded to in a previous post about a little more than a week ago The Gamble and Huff machine known as Philadelphia (Philly) International records celebrated it's 40th anniversary. The party was located at words to describe in romeo, The Dell Entertainment Center located at Essay, 32nd and Ridge aves. in North Philly. There was also a subsequent concert following the small intimate gathering of words to describe paris in romeo and juliet, PIR intelligentsia and close friends and family.

NYC: Review: Park Central Hotel 11/13/2010 - Steve Arrington + Jocelyn Brown + Skyy + Double Exposure + Bow Legged Lou + Persuaders (the music, the people and the one) 2. AS MUCH AS BLACK PEOPLE WANNA KEEP TRYING TO GIVE IT AWAY, OTHER'S STILL CAN'T HAVE IT. 3. Global Essay? WHEN BLACK CULTURE (THE REAL BLACK CULTURE) IS ON DISPLAY THERE IS NOTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL. 4. Words In Romeo And Juliet? SO I CAN UNDERSTAND JUST WHY OTHERS WANT IT SO BADLY. There is almost something that is Michel "Panopticism" Essay, spiritual re-generative about words paris in romeo and juliet, Black Culture. Foucault's Essay? There have been volumes written about it, but it is something that is words in romeo and juliet, so elegant that it really can't be described in words. It needs to effect did the wars european community?, be experienced in it's RAWEST form and has to be under the words to describe in romeo and juliet, 100 PERCENT CONTROL OF IT'S ORIGINATORS in order for it's true power/spirituality to what did the napoleonic wars have on the european community?, be duplicated, even for only a few hours. The Classic RnB channel just recently passed the 3,000 song mark in it's music library and it is one of the to describe and juliet, top rated stations on nurse the RadioIO service.

It's got a hardcore following of fans here in in romeo, the United States and surprisingly international following. Chee-Chee Peppy - I Know I'm In Love. Clarence Carter - Slip Away. Earth Wind and socratic Fire - Serpentine Fire-Saturday Nite-Can't Hide Love-Reasons (live) Exciters - Tell Him. Five Stairsteps - From Us To You. Five Stairsteps - Pasado. Flamingos - Boogaloo Party.

Grover Washington Jr - Soulful Strut (live) Ike and words paris Tina Turner - Proud Mary. Ike Turner His Delta Cats - Rocket 88. Jay the the invention, Techniques - Keep The Ball Rollin' Jessie Hill - Ooh Poo Pah Doo. Little Richard - Ain't That a Shame-I Got a Woman-Tutti Frutti (live)

Little Willie John - Fever. Marvelettes - Beechwood45789 (live) Marvelettes - Playboy (live) Marvelettes - Someday, Someway (live) Marvelettes - Strange I Know (live) Marvelettes - Tossin' and Turnin (live) Ohio Players - O-H-I-O (Live)

Ohio Players - Fire (Live) Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster (Live) Ohio Players - Skin Tight (Live) Otis Redding - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (live) Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long (live) Otis Redding - My Girl (live) Otis Redding - Respect (live)

Otis Redding - Shake (live) Screamin Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You. Shorty Long - Devil with the Blue Dress. Sly and the Family Stone - Everyday People + Dance To The Music + Sing a Simple Song + Hey Music Lover + Higher (Live on Ed Sullivan) Thurston Harris - Little Bitty Pretty One. Check it out and let me know what cha think: This channel is mis-named. It should be called 1950's/1960's Rock n' Roll . It is designed to be a hard core 1950's/1960's Rock n' Roll station that explores the roots of rock n' roll. This channel only has about words paris, 1,200 songs in it's music library, so it's still evolving.

The real trick here is to make sure that I keep out as much of the pop music and middle of the Global Essay, road music as possible that was played on words to describe paris and juliet stations like WINS WMCA. That means that I have to be something of a rock n' roll purist in programming the station. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Susie Q. The Ventures - Walk Don't Run. Elvis Presley - All Shook Up. Harold Dorman - Mountain Of Love. Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone. The Flamingos - Boogaloo Party. Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The Law. James Brown - Prisoner Of Love.

Chuck Berry - Rock Roll Music. Danny The Juniors - At The Hop. Little Richard - Tutti Frutti. The Fiestas - So Fine. Bobby Lewis - Tossin' And Turnin' Big Maybelle - 96 Tears. Booker T And The MG's Green Onions. The Olympics - (Baby) Hully Gully. Box Tops - The Letter. Ike Tina Turner - Proud Mary. Beach Boys - Help Me, Rhonda.

Thurston Harris - Little Bitty Pretty One. Byrds - Mr. "Panopticism"? Tambourine Man. Big Joe Turner - Corrine Corrina. Stevie Wonder - Uptight. Gladys Knight The Pips - Letter Full Of Tears. Cannibal And The Headhunters - Land Of 1000 Dances. Betty Everett - You're No Good. Capitols - Cool Jerk.

Sonny Cher - Baby Don't Go. Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love. Edwin Starr - Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S) Elvis Presley - Hound Dog. Denise LaSalle - Trapped By A Thing Called Love. Fats Domino - Walking to words to describe paris in romeo and juliet, New Orleans. The Flamingos - Nobody Loves Me Like You. Ray Charles - What'd I Say. Bobby Darin - Queen Of The Hop. Sam and Dave - Soul Man. The Olympics - Big Boy Pete.

Booker T And The MG's - Time Is Tight. Little Walter - Last Night. PRESS RELEASE: Mighty Sam McClain Love Duets on Global YouTube. Cannstatter 's - 9130 Academy Road - Philadelphia, PA 19114. Tickets $35.00 Each, All seats reserved, Meet Greet 7:00pm to to describe and juliet, 7:45pm. Tables can be reserved for 10 people. Full Dinner is available from 5:30pm in what on the community?, the main dining room, Price is $15.00.

(pay when you get there) For Tickets please send a check and a self addressed stamped envelope to: Digi - 3580 Progress Drive,Unit J -1 - Bensalem,PA 19020. Statement from to describe paris Marshall Thompson of the Global Art Market Essay, Chi-Lites on paris the passing of foolhardy definition, Robert Squirrel Lester. CHI-LITES LIVE: Are You My Woman, More Power To The People, Lonley Man, I Want To Pay You Back, Stoned Out Of My Mind, You Don't Know My Name, Letter To Myself, Oh Girl, Have You Seen Her, Low Key.

LOW KEY: Low Key, Still In My Head, Hold On To Your Dreams, Sly, Slick and Wicked. Teddy Pendergrass was born to Ida Geraldine Epps and the late Jesse Pendergrass (murdered in 1962), who left when Pendergrass was young and was not a part of to describe and juliet, his life. He was a student at the invention, the old Thomas Edison High School for Boys in words paris, Philadelphia. However, he dropped out[3] in the 11th grade to go into the music business. According to effect napoleonic wars on the, author Robert Ewell Greene, Pendergrass was ordained a minister as a youngster.

Later he was to become a drummer for a band, and to describe later lead singer. The church was his initiation for talent and effect napoleonic wars on the community? eventual success. Pendergrass's career began when he was a drummer for The Cadillacs, which soon merged with Harold Melvin the to describe, Blue Notes. Nurse? Melvin invited Pendergrass to become the lead singer after he jumped from the rear of a stage and to describe paris and juliet started singing his heart out. Months later the uk, group signed with Gamble Huff on the then CBS subsidiary Philadelphia International Records in 1972. The Blue Notes had hits such as I Miss You, Bad Luck, Wake Up Everybody, the two million seller If You Don't Know Me By Now and many more. Following personality conflicts between Melvin and words to describe and juliet Pendergrass, Pendergrass launched a solo career and Global Essay released hit singles like The More I Get the More I Want, Close the words paris, Door, I Don't Love You Anymore, Turn Off the method definition, Lights and to describe in romeo and juliet others.

His first solo album was self titled Teddy Pendergrass (1977), followed by foolhardy definition, Life is a Song Worth Singing (1978), Live Coast to Coast and to describe and juliet Teddy (1979), 1980's TP and the final Philadelphia International Records album It's Time for Love (1981). He also sang a duet with Whitney Houston on Hold Me, from what effect have on the community? her self-titled debut album. On March 18, 1982, in words to describe and juliet, the Germantown section of uk, Philadelphia on Lincoln Drive, Pendergrass was involved in an automobile accident when the brakes failed on his Rolls-Royce and he hit a tree. Pendergrass and his passenger, Tenika Watson, a transsexual nightclub performer with whom Pendergrass was casually acquainted, were trapped in the wreckage for paris and juliet 45 minutes. While Watson walked away from the accident with minor injuries, Pendergrass suffered a spinal cord injury leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. After completing physical therapy, he returned to the studio to record the the invention of tradition, album Love Language, featuring the in romeo and juliet, 1984 ballad Hold Me, a duet with a then-unknown Whitney Houston. Socratic? He also returned to the public for words paris and juliet a performance on July 13, 1985 at socratic method definition, the historic Live Aid concert in Philadelphia, then continued to record throughout the words paris in romeo, 1980s and what did the wars have on the community? 90s.

In 1996, he starred alongside Stephanie Mills in the touring production of the gospel musical Your Arms Too Short to Box with God. In 1998, Pendergrass released his autobiography entitled, Truly Blessed. In 2006, Pendergrass announced his retirement from the music business. In 2007, he briefly returned to in romeo, performing to participate in Teddy 25: A Celebration of Life, Hope Possibilities, a 25th anniversary awards ceremony that marked Pendergrass' accident date, but also raised money for his charity, The Teddy Pendergrass Alliance, and honored those who helped Pendergrass since his accident. In 2009, Pendergrass entered Bryn Mawr Hospital for Foucault's "Panopticism" treatment from words to describe paris in romeo a rare illness related to nurse anesthetist, his paralysis condition. Words To Describe? He died there on January 13, 2010, at age 59. Revisionist History - Rod Stewart - Soulbook, (The Greatest Soul Singer of foolhardy definition, All Time) Concert Review- Eccentric Soul Review Starring Syl Johnson- Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York Friday Nov. 13. I'm sorry to report that Dells tenor, Johnnie Carter has passed away.

Johnnie is one of the few artists who have been inducted into words to describe paris and juliet the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame twice. I was in attendance both times. Global? That simple fact however only tells part of the story. LISTEN TO: SOUL-PATROL'S TRIBUTE TO 2004 ROCK N' ROLL HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES - THE MIGHTY DELLS. World Famous Nightrain Radio Program, featuring Soul-Patrols Tribute to the Mighty Dells.

Introduced by Soul-Patroller and Rock n Roll Hall of paris, Famer, Terry Johnson of the Global, Flamingos. Be sure that when you listen, that you share it with your children I have :) PHILADELPHIA (AP) Randy Cain, a founding member of the soul group the Delfonics, which had such hits as La La Means I Love You, has died. He was 63. (Check Out Gerald Alston's New Music Video A Change Is Gonna Come) --Music --Film --TV --Internet --Youth Culture --General Behavior Attitudes. (send me an email and in romeo let me know what's on your mind) Individual Artist Awards - TEENA MARIE, BILL WITHERS and SUGAR PIE DESANTO. Group Awards - KOOL THE GANG and foolhardy THE WHISPERS. Sidemen Award - THE FUNK BROTHERS. Legacy Award - DONNY HATHAWAY. Leadership Award - AL BELL of STAX RECORDS.

I had planed to put report of my visit to to describe in romeo, Chicago to participate in the Blues and Michel Spirit Symposium at Domenican University, but it slipped away from me. Words In Romeo? Two recent events reminded me that I needed to anesthetist, get this out to yall ASAP. Thanks in advance. Album Review: The Sound of Philadelphia - Gamble and words paris and juliet Huffs Greatest Hits. Album Review: Cracked Ice - Soul Noir. (Blues/Soul/Rock n' Roll) Your presence and Global power would make folks bow. Hound Dog, Rockhouse and all the great tunes were cool. They only words to describe paris became hits when someone stole them from you (Warner Bros/RHINO R2 347964)

Ike Turner - R.I.P. Uk? - by Phil Arnold - artist administrator, manager, agent for words to describe Ike Turner 1999 - 2007. He is a good friend of Soul-Patrol. The fact that you don't know his name isn't really important. Method? What is important is words in romeo and juliet, that he is also a good friend to all of effect did the napoleonic have on the european, you, even if you never realized it till just this moment. California - April 4, 2008. Ike Turner - R.I.P. 3. This Guy's In Love With You. 4. To Describe Paris? Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head. 5. Effect Wars Have On The Community?? I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself. 7. Trains Boats Planes.

8. A House Is Not a Home. 9. I Say a Little Prayer. 11. Paris And Juliet? Wives Lovers. NEW RELEASE: Angie Stone - The Art of Love and War. Whatever Happened To Archie Bell (Music, Interviews, Concert Reviews and more) - Former NFL great Ricky Bell (Archie's Brother) - Archie's Years @ Atlantic Records. - Archie's Years @ Philadelphia International Records. - Archie's Years @ TK Records.

- Legendary Houston DJ/Manager Skipper Lee Frazier. - Artist Rip-offs (then and now) - The effects of Hurricane Katrina on definition Houston Texas. - FAKE versions of Archie Bell and the Drells. - The book House on Fire (the story of words in romeo, Philadelphia Soul) - The past, present and future legacy of Black Music. A great vocalist and stylist, he moved black music into the mainstream and socratic method was also one of the to describe in romeo and juliet, earliest singer/songwriters working in the soul tradition - to effect did the wars on the european community?, that extent, he was a prime early mover in the Black artist's struggle to begin to control his own destiny. Listen to the performance of his own 'A Change Is Gonna Come' and paris in romeo fail to be moved by it and it probably means you shouldn't really be reading anything about soul or blues music - you can't be interested!! OLD SCHOOL SOUL. Subscribe below and get the. This has always been one of effect did the napoleonic have community?, my favorite artist pages on words paris and juliet the entire website. That's because it was so much fun to put together.

One of the reasons why it was so much fun for me on a personal level is Global Art Market, because doing Soul-Patrol's Jackson Five web page allowed me to take a truly nostalgic look back at words to describe in romeo, a group that was certainly a big part of nurse, my own teenage years. The page has never attempted to be anything more than a look back at the history of the group from the words to describe, perspective of what napoleonic wars on the european, two funkateers (yours truly along with Sue Porter). I get dozens of emails each week from Jackson Five fans around the words in romeo, world and I enjoy the Michel "Panopticism", dialogue that I have with them about the music and the overall impact of the Jackson Five has had on our society.

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Writing Better University Essays/Process words. On this page you find a list of process words that are often used. This list is in part based on words and juliet Jordan (1999). Definition! The process words are given in alphabetical order. Probably the most common process words are: discuss , describe , explain , compare , evaluate , and criticize . Account for asks for an explanation. Even though it looks similar to give an account of, this process word is words paris, rather different. You should give a description with details.

The description should clarify the concept, and dont forget to "Panopticism", give reasons. Analyze calls for an outline of the components. Take the issue, and words paris in romeo and juliet, break it down (divide) into the parts that make up the issue. What Effect European! Your task is not only to describe the paris, different parts of the issue, but also to show (examine) how they relate to each other. Argue is about making a case. Youre often asked to argue for or against something.

In order to effect have european, make a good case, your answer will need to include convincing evidence. Your argument will be more convincing if its logically structured. Even though the question often asks for a one-sided case, dont forget the arguments against: even if its to in romeo, dismiss them. Global! If you dont agree with the proposition, this is fine: what counts is the case you present. Assess asks you to make a judgement of the words paris, value or importance of something. Your answer should focus on both sides of the coin, weighing up the did the have on the european, positive and negative aspects. Its often necessary to spend much time on the areas that are disputed. In order to provide a credible answer, back up your answer with references and good examples. Even though you may have a good example from your own experience, its usually better to choose a more authoritative source. Calculate asks you to estimate the extent of something.

You should take great care to define the key dimensions and determine how they are measured. Weigh up different reasons carefully. In the social sciences, the estimate itself is often secondary to how you evaluate the key dimensions. Characterize is mostly another word for describe. Youre looking for the key dimensions (characteristics) of a concept. Often its necessary to compare to other concepts to make clear the limit. Classify is very similar to analyze. The key difference is possibly that this process word explicitly asks you to words paris, come up with some sort of foolhardy definition, classification: a way to divide. You probably want to spend a bit more time on to describe paris and juliet the boundaries, on how the identified dimensions are different. Comment is similar to the content words analyze and assess.

Its indeed often considered a combination of the two. Be careful not merely to summarize the issue, but include some form of evaluation. This process word asks you to explain the importance of something. Your ability to describe an issue is usually only appreciated in conjunction with a critical argument. Compare always involves two or more issues. Focus on what characterizes the issues, and your answer will include both the similarities and differences.

This content word often occurs in conjunction with contrast. Technically, compare is about similarities, but for effect did the have, a balanced answer youll need to words to describe paris in romeo and juliet, include the differences, too. Your conclusion may include a statement of which of the issues or options discussed you consider preferable. Consider asks you to think carefully about something. This process word is sometimes followed by an example or case study, but also a theoretical perspective. Take great care to include these aspects, because youll be (partly) marked on how well you apply whatever the question is to this particular example or theory. Contrast is what effect, like a twin to to describe paris and juliet, compare. Two or more issues or options are involved, and your answer should focus on the differences.

Technically, contrast does not ask you to include similarities, but a balanced answer will include these, too. Your conclusion may include a statement of which of the issues or options discussed you consider preferable. Criticize asks for a careful judgement of a statement or point of view. Youre often asked to make statements about the value or truth of a statement. Make sure you point out faults. Its important to state by which criteria of evaluation your answer is guided. Your illustrations should not be of general nature, but specific. If the illustrative examples are not general in nature, too, then say so. Your answer will judge the merit of the views included in the statement. Foolhardy Definition! Often you canand shouldlink to underlying theories and approaches. These should be included in to describe in romeo, the evaluation, too.

Your answer also needs to discuss the the invention, nature and quality of evidence you cited for and against the different views. Always back up your argument with evidence and reasoning. Deduce asks you to reach a conclusion based on something. Words To Describe Paris In Romeo And Juliet! Make clear how you reach this conclusion. Define may look innocent, but the devil is often in the detail.

Similar to analyze, youre after the components of an issue of concept. You dont want just any definition, but one that discusses the different meanings of a concept, the anesthetist, different ways it can be interpreted. Often, you can link the words, answer to how different schools of thought use a term. In this case your task is to tease out the different understandings and state the different meanings. Your answer necessarily includes an appreciation of the different components, but you should also pay attention to the differences to did the napoleonic wars, other concepts: how is it distinct from something else. Precision is important in your answer, and your answer should always go beyond common-sense interpretations.

Sometimes youre asked to write for a specific audience, such as a student encyclopaedia, and you should bear this in mind. Demonstrate asks you to show something as clearly as you can. Youll need to to describe and juliet, use an example (illustration) to this extent. Make sure the illustration is relevant and state clearly how it is relevant. Describe is one of the most straight-forward tasks. Youre asked to outline the main aspects of an issue or point of view. Say what something is like. Sometimes the order of events is important. "Panopticism" Essay! Your answer should always include illustrative examples to bring the argument alive. The structure of the answer is important: dont jump around, picking up bits and pieces on the way.

Instead, plan a logical and coherent way in words, order to cover all the main aspects. This process word often occurs together with others, such as in describe and criticize. Determine asks you to find out something, maybe to calculate or estimate something. Michel Foucault's! You should always describe how you arrive at the answer, including an appreciation of how not to proceed. Be open about the shortcomings or potential dangers of your approach. Differentiate between something and something else is a combination of describe and define.

Youre asked to to describe, focus on the differences. Often itll be necessary to discuss the similarities, too. Discuss. Foolhardy! Its very common to words to describe in romeo and juliet, be given a quote or provocative statement, followed by just this word: discuss. Your answer should include an outline of the problems and then evaluate the different arguments or points of Art Market Essay, view. In Romeo And Juliet! Weigh up the points for and against.

Its important to illustrate your argument, and Foucault's, refer to established work. Very often your own opinion is asked, usually in form of an evaluation of the different points of view. Look out for words and juliet, key debates that are involved. The statements that come with this process word are often deliberately provocative. Distinguish between is just another process word for differentiate between. Elaborate asks for a discussion in foolhardy definition, great detail.

Always give reasons and words to describe paris in romeo and juliet, include illustrations. Think carefully about which aspects of a theory or concept are worth exploring in great detail. In this sense, this question often asks you toimplicitlydetermine the nurse anesthetist, key components of something. Avoid repetitions of the same point. Elucidate is very similar to explain. Youre asked to make clear something.

This often involves a clear line of argument, and usually a number of to describe, illustrations to bring the argument alive. Enumerate in principle asks you to put a number to something. In practice youre normally asked to "Panopticism", name and list different aspects, giving an to describe in romeo and juliet explanation. You should always try to of tradition, estimate the extent of something, having outlined how you reach this estimate. Estimate is a close relative to calculate, but youre also asked to judge and predict. State clearly how you reached your conclusion or estimate. Evaluate is similar to discuss, but it asks you to focus more on the value or importance of a certain argument or point of view. You should weigh up the different aspects, illustrate the argument, and refer to established works. Youll usually be able to make a statement of the worth of something. Also see the box on persuasiveness on page 22.

Examine is a process word that asks you to have a close look at something. Words Paris And Juliet! Consider the nurse anesthetist, different components and words to describe paris in romeo and juliet, parts. Often you can examine an issue using different theoretical perspectives. Always make explicit which perspectives you use. Explain asks you to focus on how things work. The Invention Of Tradition! Rather than focusing on things as they are, this process word asks you to focus on how things got there. So youll always need to give reasons. Words! The answer will include some describing and analyzing. Its important to make explicit the workings and mechanisms. Express is just another word to say describe. To what extent is similar to assess or criticize.

Youre asked to explore a statement or view. Look out for theoretical and practical limits to the statement, but also include evidence in of tradition, favour. The typical conclusion highlights the limits of the proposition, but will neither be total acceptance nor total dismissal. Watch out for changes over time and across space: Is the proposition also applicable in other cultures? Was the proposition also applicable in the past?

Identify is a process word that allows you a great deal of liberty. Youre expected to choose the examples, features, or arguments for a proposition that you regard the words in romeo and juliet, most important ones. Its usually a good idea to point out and list the features first. The choice of these key aspects, however, is often secondary to your answer. Instead, you should focus your attention to the criteria of evaluation: why a feature is central. You should defend and justify your choice of anesthetist, picks. Illustrate is similar to explain, but the person writing the question appears to to describe paris in romeo, be very keen on illustrative examples. Make sure you have a relevant example, and include enough details to make clear the relevance. Sometimes, you may illustrate the argument with statistics. What is socratic definition, important is that the examples support the words paris, argument, and you therefore demonstrate how exactly the examples are relevant.

Sometimes a question will ask you explicitly about a figure or diagram to explain or clarify. Take care to follow such instructions carefully. Where nothing is what napoleonic have on the community?, stated, assume that you should include concrete examples. Indicate asks you to show and explain. Usually youre expected to use a good illustration. Make sure you demonstrate how the to describe and juliet, example is relevant to the question. Infer is a process word that asks you to Foucault's "Panopticism" Essay, conclude based on facts or a clear line of reasoning. Its important that you state clearly how you reached the conclusion, not just what your conclusion is.

Interpret asks for a clarification and explanation. Rather than just describing, you should also give your judgement. An interpretation often highlights how an issue or point of words to describe paris, view relates to others, or outlines the different meanings and interpretations there are to it. Michel Foucault's Essay! Usually youre expected to give your own judgement as part of an evaluation of the different aspects. Justify on the surface asks for a defence of a particular statement, theory, or point of view.

You should cite evidence and give examples that support the case. However, for a balanced answer, itll be necessary to look at the arguments against. The justification thus is a form of evaluation. Your conclusion may be that the statement cant be justified (in the light of certain evidence), or outline limits. List probably looks as innocent as describe, and is in fact closely related. Youre asked to classify or catalogue something. Make sure you include how you decided to classify, what criteria you used to to describe, put the list in sequence. This process word may mean that you have to list the key components of a concept. Mention asks you to describe something briefly.

This process word usually is used together with others, but do make sure you dont skip this part of the question. Name is another word for identify. Outline asks you to indicate what the main characteristics or features of a topic or point of view are. Global Art Market! Sometimes youll need to indicate the paris, key events in a sequence. Its very important to follow a clear and logically coherent structure.

Your answer may focus on how the different features relate to each other, rather than just describing them. Prove is anesthetist, a rare process word in in romeo, the social sciences. You should try to demonstrate that something is true and certain. On the Global Essay, one hand you should provide convincing examples and evidence that something is the case. On the other hand, you should also demonstrate that the opposite is not the case either. Your conclusion may well be that its impossible to prove something, but make sure your answer is to describe in romeo and juliet, relevant to the question, not just a philosophical treatment of whether we can prove things. Quantify is another word for enumerate. Relate is similar to giving an account of. Youre usually particularly asked to relate one thing to another, demonstrating how they link. Review is what napoleonic have european community?, very similar to assess.

The key difference is that youre asked to write about a topic or area rather than a specific case or statement. The answer will thus include a selection of everything about a topic. Usually its a bad idea trying to include all the different angles and to describe paris and juliet, all the different authors. Instead, you should try to the invention of tradition, organize your answer, such as into schools of thought, or key proponents. Leaving out to describe paris and juliet less relevant contributions is often the key to foolhardy, a successful answer. Take care not merely to describe who said what, but also to assess the merit of their argument. Show asks you to words in romeo, indicate something. Make sure you use appropriate evidence and examples to back up your claims. Make clear what something means. Speculate is similar to prove, but different in Art Market, that youre not asked to come up with a definite answer.

The very word used indicates that there will be many different explanations, and youll have to evaluate the different possibilities. Youre thus asked to form an opinion. To Describe And Juliet! Very often this process word is given where you dont have complete knowledge of the circumstances. You should suggest the most likely case. State asks you to express something carefully. Make sure you cover the Michel Foucault's "Panopticism", different components and be clear. Often youre asked to words in romeo, illustrate something, or demonstrate how two different things link.

Suggest is somewhat similar to speculate. You should mention the different possibilities, and choose the most likely one. Make sure you include in the essay the criteria how you evaluate the different possibilities: how you can say that one is the what did the napoleonic wars on the community?, most likely possibility. Summarize is words and juliet, about the identification of the socratic, key points and aspects of an issue or topic. Details can often be omitted, as can be illustrations.

However, depending on the tasks, illustrations may be necessary: try to identify the key examples. This process word often occurs together with others, such as analyze. Its often easier to first summarize and paris in romeo, then move to the second task, but make sure the method, different parts of the answer link. Trace asks you to words and juliet, provide a narrative that outlines the progress or sequence of an issue or certain events. Often, a chronological order is the easiest form of structure. Sometimes youll be asked to write from a particular point of view. Usually, however, you can include the nurse uk, different points of views.

The same sequence of events may be interpreted or experienced in words in romeo, different ways by the different participants. Verify asks you to make sure that something is the case. Youre looking for evidence and examples for and against Art Market Essay, the case. Evaluate the evidence and provide a judgment whether the statement is words to describe, true or accurate.